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A Family Affair Aboard the Carnival Imagination

A Family Affair Aboard the Carnival Imagination

We always associate cruise ships with newly weds and empty nesters. After all, it really is romantic to spend your honeymoon on a cruise, whether it’s your first or fifty-first. But nowadays, cruise ships offer a great variety of activities that all members of the family, from the kids to the kids-at-heart, would enjoy.
At daytime, the children can go outside and take a plunge at Carnival Waterworks Park. It features a 4-deck-high twister waterslide that the adventurous teenagers would enjoy; racing slides where the kids can challenge themselves in a fun racing game; and a spray park [...]

Onboard Carnival Elation, a Cruising Extravaganza

As each new ship which sets off from dry dock gets bigger and bigger, the general tendency of cruisers is to go for the next big thing, and smaller (and arguably more attractive ships) which are relative rookies to the cruising industry are largely neglected.  Carnival’s Elation is a good example of an exquisite ship which is rather young in industry standards.  With only nine years of sailing and more years to come, Elation is a must-embark ship for newbie and veteran cruisers alike.  A plus for the ship is that it is the first of many to employ azipods, [...]

Fun And Fancy Onboard Carnival Pride

You know you’re onboard a Carnival ship as soon as you enter the atrium.  There’s enough color and culture to make you pleasantly giddy.  The perks don’t stop there either – the onboard staff are so accosting that you start to wonder if they’re the best the industry has to offer.  Aboard Carnival Pride, the cheerfulness is contagious; as if your intent to have a good time wasn’t evident enough, everyone from the stewards to the crew always wears a warm smile everywhere you meet them.  This seems the best treat of all, apart from the modern onboard diversions and [...]

Carnival Imagination, After the Refurbishment

It’s safe to say that without the recent refurbishments, Carnival’s Imagination is a truly outdated ship. It first set sail in early 1995 when cruising was considered an upscale activity. Now, more than ten years later, the cruise line has updated the ship’s décor, and added new amenities to ensure that it stays competitive with the ‘fun family ship’ trend. The renovation sings to the tune of 40 million dollars, a significant investment for a relatively old ship, but fortunately the risks paid off, more or less. But you still have an inkling that it’s a ship past its prime, [...]