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Jamaica’s Winter Wonderland

jamaica-150x1501In an effort to save the tourism industry in the country, the Jamaican Tourist Board has launched a campaign to lure in millions of American tourists. The multi-million dollar crusade which aims to provide Americans with an affordable winter getaway, is also expected to save thousands of jobs during this time of financial crisis.

The campaign will last for a month, and is called “Jamaica Winter Rescue Programme”. Huge banners, posters and floor mats will be placed in strategic places in New York, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia. To target a much larger populace, the Jamaican Tourist Board has chosen to put up their banners in subways and bus and train terminals. If you live around these areas, you will probably be seeing a lot of advertisements for affordable travel to the country.

Aside from the huge banners and posters, there will be special promos where in a lucky commuter can get a chance to win an all expense paid trip to Jamaica. There promotions will be seen and heard on Television, radio and the internet.

TripAdvisor has recently named Jamaica as one of the top 10 holiday getaways. This has caused quite a stir with the Tourism Board as this could only mean that people actually want to visit their country. And their campaign has been timed perfectly.

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