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Monkey Business on Nevis

vervet_monkey-150x1501A few years back my husband and I had the opportunity to rent a villa with some friends on the island of Nevis. It’s a small island, not as commercialized as most, which is what attracts us. It is also right next to the island of St. Kitts, which is within a ferry ride distance. So it’s like getting two islands for the price of one! We stayed for two weeks right across from Oualie Beach, which is beautiful, and one of the nicest on the island.

One of our main objectives was to see monkeys! The monkey making its home on this island is the vervet, known for being very mischievous. During the week we took several drives around the island where we were told we might see monkeys, and we did-for very brief moments, but nothing of any real consequence. One day we took a ferry across to St. Kitts to a place called Turtle Beach. They have a really cool beach bar on a gorgeous beach, and every day the monkeys come down off the mountain and play in the area, and even drink rum! That was really enjoyable, and a great photo opportunity. But the best was yet to come! After two weeks of total relaxation (and laziness) we were about to embark on our way back home. Of course, we were hesitant to come home after such a great time, but home we had to go. We were all lying around the villa, and one of our friends (who is absolutely wild about monkeys) kept saying she thought she heard movement in the trees. We thought she was just hearing things. She and a couple of the others were down by the pool, and what do you know? They saw monkeys, and suddenly they were everywhere! In the trees, running around the yard, and through peoples pool areas. It was a literal explosion of monkeys! My friend was so excited that she fell into the pool. We were running all over the place taking pictures, mothers in the trees eating with their babies, just monkeys everywhere–about 30 or 40. It was amazing, and we will never forget it! So…if you love monkeys too, you may want to rent that villa. You would never regret it!!

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