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Bocas del Toro For the Ultimate Tropical Experience

bocas_del_toro-150x1501Bocas del Toro, a province of Panama, is located in an archipelago near the border of Costa Rica. It is located in the island of Colon where the population is 89,300 people. The island offers a lot to its travelers such as its rain forests with different varieties of flora and fauna, numerous beaches from different parts of the island and the archipelago, coral reefs rich with marine life and mangrove forests. In addition to the islands tourist attractions is the local cuisine available in the area.

For those who are beach-lovers, Bocas del Toro is definitely the right place for you. Approximately 10kms north of town is Playa Bluff. Both taxi and bike riding can bring you to this part of the island. This is where you will find both surfers and sun bathers enjoying a good day sun. Another popular destination is the Bocas del Drago. Here restaurants serve fresh fish from the sea where you can enjoy the beach and the view of the sea alike.

If you are new to the island, the best way to explore the different islands located in the area are thru kayak or canoeing. There is nothing better than to experience first hand what the island truly has to offer. Treat yourself to a natural high and enjoy the beauty of the island in this manner. Kayaks can be rented thru different establishment in the island.

Another good way to appreciate Bocas del Toro is to explore the island through cycling. Experience the ride through dirt-paved paths of rain forests to astounding beach destinations. For those who would prefer land tours can also visit the local caves and different butterfly farms available to tourists. One popular trail would be the Mimbi Timbi and pass thru caves and rich forests along the to Boca del Drago.

One of the emerging water sports that may also be found in Bocas del Toro would be surfing. Tourists may do so by bringing their own boards and they may also rent one at the island as well. Some tourists that have already been to the area would say that Bocas del Toro is an emerging surf destination which offers its visitors different categories from beginner level waves, ripping breaks and more advanced waves.

Bocas del Toro is also known for its rich marine life. Tourists from all over the world come here to indulge themselves in the beauty and wonder of the deep. The island now boasts 3 PADI dive shops. Scuba diving is another famous way to experience what the islands can offer. Boat rentals may be arranged with the locals and one may opt to bring their own scuba/snorkeling gear. You can even rent simple snorkels, fins, and goggles for as low as $12 for the whole day.

However one may decide to enjoy Bocas del Toro, may it be through cycling, hiking, scuba diving, or surfing, the first-hand experience would certainly be a memorable one. It may well be one memory worth the thought and would definitely give the tourist the need to come back to Bocas del Toro once more.

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