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Tropical Paradise: San Blas Islands

san-blas-150x150There are hundreds of destinations tourists can pick from to spend their dream holidays in. Quite a number of these destinations have high-class hotels, high-end restaurants, classy yachts and boats that can be chartered from one island to the other. Although there are a significant number of tourists that want to experience a sense of privacy in their dream vacation. There are those who want to have the feel that Robinson Crusoe had on that island he was in. There is such a place called the San Blas Islands.

The group of islands is located in the Caribbean, of the coast of Panama. There are a series of 378 islands that can be found at San Blas but only 49 are inhabited. The locals on the islands are known as the Kuna Indians, which practice an autonomous government and have their own independent economy. The islands rely on their local products such as their fishing, coconut products, and their tourism as well. Even today they still maintain their traditional customs, their dress code, and their dialect free from local government interference.

Tourist can visit the neighboring islands in San Blas by paddled canoes or motorized boats. You can rent from locals who can ferry you to the island of your desire for a very minimal fee. The beaches in the San Blas Islands are powder white and fine. They are mostly small in circumference, so you can actually walk around a single island in a matter time. Due to the fact that one of the main sources of income in San Blas is coconut product, you will find that the islands here are full of them. In effect, white-sand beaches, minimal inhabited islands, and coconut trees all around would make a perfect travel destination for those who want to experience a sense of seclusion.

There’s not much “hustle and bustle” here so expect the pace of the islands to be pretty slow. It is visited mainly for its laid back experience and the hospitality of it locals. Scuba diving is prohibited in some parts the islands because it is not allowed by Kuna beliefs and laws, although snorkeling is allowed. Travelers will experience the different shapes, colors, and sizes found on the shallow reefs and shores of San Blas Islands. If you plan on going snorkeling, don’t forget to bring your own equipment.

You will see that many of the tourists that come to San Blas are simply relaxing on the white sandy beaches enjoying the sun and drinking off cold drinks enjoying the calm serenity of the horizon. Shopping for inexpensive souvenirs is also a delight here in San Blas. The Molas, a famous souvenir being sold by the Kuna women, are hand-crafted pieces of textile that are sewed with multiple layers of cloth with different selected colors and designs.

Accommodation in San Blas remains simple. There are no five-star hotels available for lodging. Tourists can rent a hut made of sticks and do not have a private bathroom. There are newly built lodges, and these have private baths. There are not much restaurants available for tourists so the place where you booked accommodations usually come with packaged meals. They also have a tour set for you to visit the islands where you can sun bathe and snorkel for the day.

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