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The Sights And Sounds Of Barbuda

barbudaWelcome to Barbuda … the smaller land-mass of the state of Antigua & Barbuda. The island middle of the Leeward Islands and is north of Antigua. Sharing much of its history with the other Caribbean nations, it has been home to the native Ciboney, Arawaks and Caribs before the region was colonized by the Spaniards, French and ultimately the British. So in this aspect, the area boasts of natural wonders (such as superb and gorgeous beaches and terrain) mixed with a certain European colonization-era flavor (mainly due to century’s worth of occupation and influence).

Barbuda’s main town is Codrington, named after Christopher Codrington and his brother John (to whom the island was leased to in 1685). Today, Barbuda is very much known for the famous Frigate Bird Sanctuary which can be found in the Codrington Lagoon. Other notable points are the Indian Cave which showcase ancient Amerindian petro glyphs and the Highland House which is the 18th century-old abode of the Codrington family.

But quite unlike Antigua, which sports a very luxurious and wide array of tourist options, Barbuda is more on the “natural” side of things. The island is almost untouched by tourism. But don’t let that statement fool you for Barbuda is indeed home to unearthly beaches laced in pink-ish sand and world-class hotels like the elite K Club where Princess Diana once spent quite a few of her holidays in.

So although Barbuda’s accommodations might seem relatively smaller in scale than Antigua (there are only four hotels in Barbuda for example), it does not mean that you won’t get the time of your life here. People come to Barbuda to relax and take things naturally and slowly. It is not for people who are searching for stylish and chic beach nightlife.

The main attractions of Barbuda, aside from the places of historical importance of course, are the beaches. The beaches here are just plain magnificent. And there are different kinds to boot. The beaches surrounding the island sport a level of diversity that may astonish even the most jaded beach-comber. There are also a number of caves, like the Darby cave and the Dark cave, waiting to be explored by the curious trekker. Most of them are popular with both visitors and locals.

Around the coastline of Barbuda are many shipwrecks which attract a healthy amount of dive enthusiasts year round. And there are also fishing trips available to cater to those who are into the fishing. The area is home to an array of marine life which includes shark, barracuda, tuna, and several other kinds of fish native to the Caribbean.

And aside from hotels, staying in Barbuda means getting to experience living in guest houses like the Carriage House, Bus Stop Bed And Breakfast, The Blue Light Cottage and Nedd’s Guest House (to name a few). Although not as luxurious as the four hotels in Barbuda, staying in these local guest homes will definitely provide one with a unique and memorable experience filled with warm hospitality and true blue local sights and sounds. Transportation within the island is relatively a breeze and there are a load of restaurants that will cater to most major types of cuisine. So start packing your bags and head of to this beautiful jewel in the Caribbean.

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