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Untouched Oasis In Irian Jaya

western-new-guineaWe take a peek at one of the worlds unspoiled area in the eastern part of Indonesia called West Papua Irian Jaya. Travelers have come to this part of the world to experience the rich rain forests, rivers, beautiful beaches, and breath-taking mountains. The tallest peak on the island would be Mount Jayawijaya, which towers a good 5,000 meters high. From there you will see stream lined rivers that pass through the thick rain forests. Travelers have also come to West Papua to visit the people that inhabit this island. The Irian people have a very distinct look from Indonesian people. They are known to be the relatives of the Australian aboriginals. Visiting the different tribes of the Irian Jaya is a fascinating way to learn the culture of this primitive people, and a good reason for travelers to come and explore the island.

Probably one of the most popular islands in Irian Jaya would be Raja Ampat. Here travelers will find the most diverse fish, corals, and mollusk species than any part of the world. Scuba diving is a tourist attraction here as many travelers from all over the world come to experience what Raja Ampat has to offer. Most of our divers come to an island in Raja Ampat called Waigeo Island. Dive groups can be arranged to come to Waigeo for a different experience of diving. The good diving spots in Waigeo Island would be Cape Kri, Barracuda Point, Sardine Reef, Mellisa’s Garden, The Passage, Nudibranch Rock, and the Wai Island Night Dive. Raja Ampat not only harbors excellent dive spots, it is also home to a lot of smaller islands where tourists can find untouched beaches and limestone cliffs.

Irian Jaya also has world renowned Flora and Fauna. It is said that the largest animal that can be found here is the Saltwater Crocodile. The largest land animal would be the cassowary. In Waigeo and Batanta (Waitanta) travelers will find a lot of tropical birds that are rare and unique. Perhaps this uniqueness is brought about the isolation of the islands themselves, but a travel worth doing for those avid bird watchers. It is a fact that Waitanta is home to a lot of lowland and hill forest birds such as the Marbled Frogmouth, the famous Birds of Paradise, the Red-Throated Myzomela, and the Bruijn’s Brush-Turkey.

In par with the bird watching activities in Waigeo, travelers also have the chance to experience the breath-taking scenery while hiking. You may stumble upon thick forests and beautiful valleys as you go on further on your adventures. It is usually not the distance of which you base your hike through the forests of Waigeo that is important, it is the possibilities of what you might actually see and stumble upon that matters most. The view of scenic limestone cliffs are also sites worth coming here for.

No matter what reason it is you come to West New Guinea for, whether it is to visit the local tribes, experience the rich marine life thru scuba diving, to enjoy a once in a lifetime hike through the mountains and thick rainforests, or simply a mixture of both hiking and bird watching, the experience would be priceless and something worth remembering.

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