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Tranquil, Quality Vacations At Bora Bora

boraboraThere’s something in Bora Bora which makes it a fave destination for newlyweds on a honeymoon, for who’s who personalities, and of course, for newlywed celebrities on a honeymoon.  Part of the reason for this is that the island is encompassed by a stunning bluish-green lagoon which is easily three times the area of the isle’s landmass.  Bora Bora is actually an upscale tropical playground with less of the quaint fishing hamlets, and more of the ultramodern, yet very environmentally-friendly resorts.  The island is relatively unspoiled despite the development, and you can feel the subtle grandeur of the island from almost any coast.  Indeed, underneath the balmy water and shores of fine white sand is a volcanic interior, cut by the remains of two extinct volcanoes Mount Pahia and Otemanu.

It is not uncommon for you to fully enjoy an entire day in Bora Bora doing absolutely nothing (besides lounging by the coast or free-floating on the warm lagoon).  But what Bora Bora lacks in variety, it makes up for quality.  Its dive spots are on a class of their own, and the marine life are as friendly as they come.  A tranquil afternoon is usually preferred more than an exhilarating experience, and you can course around the whole island in a few hours, the shopping and sightseeing stops included.

For those who still couldn’t do without the adrenaline rush, you can soak in Bora Bora’s main spots with an on-and-off-road adventure.  The open-canopied, four-wheel drive vehicle can accommodate six passengers at a time, so there are plenty of people with whom you can share the thrill with.  The ride takes a route around the island, and courses up a few hills to afford you with elevated views of the nearby Faanui and Matira harbors.  There is a historical stop which involves a World War II naval battering gun site.  Shopper’s can also take pleasure in visiting a local pareo (silk wraps) studio where you get to see exactly how it’s hand-painted.  A word caution to pregnant tourists and to those with back problems though; the ride is quite bumpy, and it’d be better miss if you miss out on this trip.

Bora Bora also boasts the friendliest marine life.  The shark and ray snorkeling excursion is worth a try yes, you read it right the first time; you get to don scuba diving equipment and swim among the stingrays and sharks.  The rays are so friendly that your guide encourages you to kiss them there’s some assurance.  The black tipped sharks are not hostile; in fact, they’re somewhat shy in comparison to their violent relatives.  They keep a safe distance from swimmers.  Your excursion is capped off with a tour on the coral banks surrounding the island undoubtedly one of the best snorkeling trips on the island, and even the world.  There are obviously plenty of resorts in the island to lounge in during the day, and to cap the night off.  Bora Bora’s sublime beauty is the main reason why people want to come to it; not for the parties or the local color, but for the romantic setting which is truly world class.

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