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Plan Out Your Bahamas Vacation To Perfection

out-islandsIf you’re tired of the pollution and traffic of the city; if you’re bored with the usual outdoor adventure; then make plans to take a Bahamas Vacation today. With some 700 hundred islands scattered across the Bahamas, you’ll surely never run out of beach space to lay down your blanket and bask in the tropical sun.

You will find yourself suddenly transported to suntan paradise as soon as you set foot in this tropical getaway. So what are you waiting for? Grab you swimwear, a camera and some sunscreen and head on out to the Bahamas with your family and friends.

If it’s your first time, call your travel agent so you at least have some accommodations when you get to Bahamas. Never ask a cab driver to take you to the best hotel in the island; you’ll either end up in a rundown, cockroach infested, family owned motel with no water and electricity, or worse at the most expensive place in the Bahamas. A travel agent can set you up with a hotel that’s within your budget, as well as to your liking. If however you are a seasoned traveler and know your way around the islands, then make your reservations in advance, as availability is somewhat lacking especially during the Holiday and Summer seasons. Your travel agent can also refer a tourist guide, or give the hotel a head’s up so that they can have someone help you enjoy the wonders of the Bahamas. Most hotels have a list of water sports and activities available and you may either sign up for these before all the slots are taken.

For first timers, it would be best to stick to the hotel and not run off with some local willing to give you a free tour. Packing for tropical weather will not be an easy task especially if you live in a locale with cold weather all year round. A Bahamas vacation calls for swimwear; and lots of it if you plan on going out to the beach during your stay; some light clothing such shorts, cotton shirts and jeans, as well as a jacket to cover you up from the chill of a Bahamian night. You should also bring your own toiletries unless you want to use the hotel’s free stuff. A bottle of sunblock or tanning lotion is a staple as your pale skin can be sunburned from the tropical heat.

Setting up a budget for your Bahamas vacation will be no easy task, as people sometimes get tempted to try out every bit of food and buy cute souvenirs from sidewalk vendors. Your budget should include transportation to and from the islands, lodging, food, activities you planned out to do such as island hopping or water sports, as well as ferry and taxi fares for moving around Bahamas. Put in a little extra for when you will need to buy something for the loved ones left behind. Bear in mind, that the USD is accepted in all parts of the Bahamas so you need not exchange your money to Bahamian Dollar; lest you will be carrying these home with you. If you’re already heading out to the Bahamas for the week, you must surely be excited and scared. But you shouldn’t be as you are already armed with enough knowledge about the islands. Just remember that you are a tourist, and you will be easily spotted by unscrupulous individuals no matter how much you try to blend in. There’s some safety in numbers and it would be best to stick to your agenda while on the island.

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