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A Secluded Getaway In Bermuda

bermudaWhat are they? They’re not fish; they’re warm-blooded mammals who bear live young and nurse them just like any other mammal. They’re extremely intelligent; they learn very quickly and retain what they’ve learned for the span of their lifetimes. They have a natural sophisticated sonar system that tells them where to go and how to make their way through the waters of the world’s warm oceans. Having no gills, they breathe air from a “blow hole” on top of their heads. They communicate with each other through a language of clicks and buzzes. And they have an affinity for humankind, their land-bound distant cousins; legends tell of their rescues of shipwrecked sailors and their habit of “escorting” ships, dancing and playing on the glimmering waves. They are the ultimate ambassadors of inter-species harmony.

The bottlenose dolphin has been an enigma since men first took to the seas. Their sleek grey bodies, their happy chattering and perpetual “smile” make them irresistible. Dolphins have never been known to be harmful towards man. On the contrary, they welcome us into their water-world enthusiastically. And through the ages, we too have wanted to know more about them, perhaps feeling a kinship with them because of the many things we have in common.

Bermuda’s Dolphin Quest is your opportunity to get “up close and personal” with bottlenose dolphins. Located at the Bermuda Maritime Museum in the Royal Naval Dockyard, this is a habitat that brings you directly into the dolphins’ world where you’re always a welcome guest. Bermuda has long been a favorite destination for travelers because of its spectacular white sand beaches and bright turquoise water. Dolphin Quest opened in 1996 and has been one of Bermuda’s primary attractions for the past decade.

Dolphin Quest has something for everyone. You can give your child the birthday party of a lifetime; two hours of learning and playing with the dolphins and eleven of your child’s friends. Dolphin Quest Summer Camp teaches children about the many similarities we share with these playful mammals, their evolutionary history, and exploring myths and facts about dolphins. For example, since dolphins have fins to help their navigation through the water, they’re often mistaken for sharks and killed through mis-identification. The camp helps children understand the differences between dolphins, the mammals, and sharks, the fish. The youngsters also learn of the tragic loss of dolphin lives in fishing nets that prevent them from surfacing to breathe, and the existing protection against this practice.

For adults and children over eight, The Encounter is your chance to meet the dolphins in their own habitat, a deep-water cove. You’ll communicate with them through touching, feeding and playing. The Experience is personalized to what you want to know about the dolphins; what they feel like, how they eat, and what games they enjoy. Adults and children over five will enjoy the Ultimate Adventure, which includes riding on underwater scooters alongside the darting dolphins. And for toddlers over age three, Fins and Flippers allows the little ones to shake hands with their dolphin hosts along with a high-energy playtime.

It’s time to jump in and get wet in the dolphin’s world. The Dolphin Dip, for ages eight and older, lets you swim with the dolphins in their cove. Holding tightly to their fin, adults and children are guided gently and safely through the water with their bottlenose tour guides. Finally, your whole family can join in the fun of the Dolphin Friends and Family event to learn about, dance and play with the dolphins in a beautiful musical experience that is all the more memorable because of these shared remarkable experiences.

Your undersea hosts await you at Bermuda’s Dolphin Quest!

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