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Enjoying Island Time, US Virgin Islands

Trunk Bay, St John USVI

Have you been running yourself ragged as employers are forcing you to do more with less in this tough economy?  A Caribbean Vacation can be just what the doctor ordered as the laid back pace known as “Island Time” can melt your stress away.  The US Virgin Island were bought by the US in the early 1920 and was originally done so to offer the US a strategic military base in the Caribbean.  The US Virgin Islands are made up of three different islands: St Croix, St John and St Thomas.  These three islands are all unique and all offer different experiences to anyone who visits them.  The second you step off your airplane or cruise ship you will instantly notice that you have come to the right place to relax and unwind.


Visitors have long called the U.S. Virgin Islands “the perfect Caribbean island vacation.” It’s time for you to see what they’re talking about.   If you simply need to unwind make sure to take a couple of days to lie on the beach and let your stress melt away.  Simply let the sun and the serenity of the Caribbean melt your stress away.  There are so many historical sites such as the sugar cane ruins on St John that offer you the opportunity to take a peaceful walk and take in the rich history of the island.  To cool off, you can take a swim is some of the most pristine aqua blue in the Caribbean.  In the evening it is a must to enjoy some of the fine dining on the island and then relax your body by enjoying a fruity Caribbean cocktail.


When I am in the Virgin Islands I always start slowly so I can take in everything that this Caribbean Vacation has to offer.  Take a dip in the ocean view the vivid marine life by either going on a snorkel or scuba excursion.  You will be instantly become relaxed as you get in tune with nature and watch the bountiful marine life circle around you.  If you are in the mood for something more invigorating you can also enjoy some of the islands high energy activities such as windsurfing or kite boarding.  There are also many annual celebrations on the islands which are sure to get your blood going.   These celebrations often feature local music, which is known as Quelbe, that is rich is history and rhythmic bears.


The Virgin Islands is one of the most tranquil Caribbean Vacation spots on the planet and to top it all of the islands are easily accessible from the US mainland.  There are many flights leaving daily from several US hubs and the Virgin Islands are located roughly two and a half hours from Miami by plan.  Best of all no passport is required to visit the US Virgin Islands which makes these tiny islands some of the most accessible in the Caribbean.

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