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Take The Skyride To The Top Of St. Thomas

stthomasSt. Thomas has long been an attraction for tourists. There is a great variety of things to do, places to go, and sites to see. Perhaps the greatest asset of the island, though, is its sights and sounds. You could never take in every view, smell every smell, and see every sight, but what you can do is take in a whole lot all at once. By visiting the St. Thomas Skyride, you can get a bird’s eye view of the city of Charlotte Amalie, take everything in, and truly experience what it is to spend some time limin’ (an island term that essentially means “hanging out”).

Widely considered one of the must do attractions of the Caribbean, the St. Thomas Skyride takes you 700 feet above the scenic town of Charlotte Amalie. Carrying 24 passengers every seven minutes up Flag Hill, the skyrride takes you 8 towers to reach the top. Once you reach the top, you find yourself high above St. Thomas Harbor in the peaceful serenity that is Flag Hill’s first ascent.

Once at the top, there is plenty for you to enjoy. A scenic nature trail offers you a chance to experience the island’s plant and animal life up close. Additionally, you can experience the view from the wedding gazebo. When you ride the St. Thomas Syrride, remember to bring your camera; there are memories to record on the ride up and all over the property at the top of the ascent.

The skyrride doesn’t have to be a quick hour in your day, it is a full day by itself. You can enjoy a relaxing beverage on the observation deck where the views will take your breath away. You will not want to miss out on the unique and fun shops that are located on the property as well. Additionally, there is plenty of food to hold you over with a snack or grab a lunch.

Hey, make sure you don’t miss the exotic birds. Performing 3 times daily are some of the smartest birds you have ever seen. With everything from a bike riding parrot to a 3 card monte playing Macaw, the show has something for everyone. There is plenty of audience participation, and for a small fee you can have your party’s picture taken with these talented feathered friends.

Finally, wind down your day by enjoying a gorgeous sunset from Paradise Point. With entertainment that was voted the best live entertainment, you can even enjoy a party. If that is too much, just take in a romantic sunset dinner as you wind down your day above the island.

If you want to take in everything St. Thomas has to offer, you will need more time, however; if you want to get a full island experience in one day then consider the St. Thomas Skyride. With a breathtaking ride to the top, and with plenty to do all day once you get there, this is the experience to have on St. Thomas. Enjoy the beaches and take your cruise, but whatever you do, don’t miss the chance to take the St. Thomas Skyride right up to the top of the world.

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