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Bonaire – A Diver’s Paradise

Love to snorkel or scuba dive in a pristine tropical island vacation spot?  Try beautiful Bonaire, a small Caribbean island that’s been recognized for protecting and preserving its marine environment.   In 1979, the government of Bonaire officially made its coast a marine park, securing its place as one of the worlds top diving and snorkeling spots for a Caribbean Vacation. Bonaire is known by many to be a true diver’s paradise. If you are a diver, you won’t want to miss this tropical destination. Located in the southern Caribbean, Bonaire is the best kept secret of true marine sport lovers – once you’ve found out about it, you’ll be a frequent visitor to this diver’s paradise. Bonaire is located abut 86 miles east of Aruba and this tiny Caribbean Island is also considered outside the Caribbean hurricane belt. 


There are many things to do on your Caribbean Island vacation. Snorkeling and diving are the top sports but windsurfing enthusiasts call the island a windsurfer’s paradise because of the favorable trade winds. Some visitors enjoy kayaking through waters where mangrove grow, going mountain biking, or taking walks to explore the island’s rich history as a Spanish town established in the fifteenth century. Some come to simply relax on one of the stunning beaches of Bonaire.

A true tropical vacation wouldn’t be complete without visitors sampling some of the local cuisine. Since the island is part of the Dutch owned Caribbean, restaurants feature truly eclectic international cuisine (besides the Dutch, the Spanish and French also occupied the island at different times). Restaurants featuring everything from local island food to South American, even Eastern food. Island specialties include island curry, wine or okra soup, and coconut candy.

The Bonaire beaches are some of the best in the Caribbean islands. Those determined to safeguard the environment have ensured that visitors will enjoy a tropical vacation of their dreams. Average air temperature is in the low eighties with a 75 percent relative humidity. Water temperature averages 80 degrees and evenings are pleasant.

A variety of accommodations are available from the traditional luxurious hotels to inns and resorts. This is a place that offers something for every taste and to fit just about every budget. Travel agents who plan vacations to tropical islands are your best source of information for the newcomer to Bonaire. Flights arrive in the aptly named Flamingo International Airport, named after the bird found so frequently on the island.

Bonaire – the perfect location for a Caribbean vacation destination you’ll want to return to again and again. Grab your gear, book your trip, and get diving! You won’t regret it.

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