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Nevis Tours Tours Tours!

nevisNevis is one island that is truly full of things to do. With it’s rich historical sites, crystal ocean waters, and lush rain forests, there are no shortage of awesome tours that you can take on your vacation here to drink in all that Nevis has to offer. No matter what your vacationing heart is craving, you can find it on a guided tour here in Nevis. Here are a few of the tour companies, along with their services, to help you plan the right tour for you when you are here:

For tours around the island that show off the flora and fauna of the island, there are several tours that you can take. Jim and Nikki Johnson offer over 15 different tours around the island that educate their patrons on everything from the beautiful flowers that grow all over to the very top of Nevis Peak. Heb’s Nature Tours also offers these great educational tours around the island that take you from the rain forest to Nevis Peak to the quaint villages around the island. Michael Herbert, the owner of Heb’s Nature Tours, is also a “bush doctor” and can teach you some of the native remedies that the islanders have used for hundreds of years. For a more challenging tour of some of the beautiful waterfalls on the island, Sunrise Tours takes its visitors through some of the more interesting sites, such as New River Spring and Devil’s Copper.

For a unique village experience on Nevis, Herbert’s Heights Village Experience is one that you cannot miss. From Herbert’s Heights, you will find some spectacular views from Nevis Peak as well as some great treks through the rain forest. You will also experience some of the joys and relaxation of the every day village life here on Nevis. There are so many activities for you to enjoy on this tour that it is hard to know where to start! From picnics to trails used by runaway slaves to ancient ruins, it might take you a while to go through everything that this tour has to offer.

For historical site tours, there are many to choose from as well. Eco-Rambles, owned by historian David Rollinson, will take you throughout some of the rich history of the island of Nevis from the plantations to the historical villages that surround the island. Upper Round Road offers a great tour of Golden Rock Plantation Inn where you can learn about some of the rich history of the sugar trade that thrived on Nevis for centuries. Here at the Golden Rock Inn, you can also follow the Golden Rock Nature Trail and see some of the famed African Green Monkeys that thrive on the island. Or, you can enjoy the Plantation Carriage Rides that take you from the Hermitage Plantation Inn down to your personal Caribbean Planter’s Cottage. This tour will not only help to make you feel truly pampered while staying here, but you will also learn about some of the history of the island of Nevis.

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  1. Will be visiting Nevis for only one day as part of a cruise. Would like a tour of the island. Thank you.

  2. Hi Gary

    I know someone that visits Nevis often. His name is Michael S. Maxson and he manages the http://www.nevis1.com web site. I am going to see if he will reply to this thread with some good recommendations for you. My wife and I stayed in a villa for a week in Nevis two years ago. We loved it! Read our experience on the last day with all the monkeys: http://www.warmislands.com/destinations/caribbean/eastern-caribbean/nevis/monkey-business-on-nevis/

  3. Gary, the best thing that I can suggest for a one day tour is to get hold of my friend Stedro Dore. He has been hauling my family around for more than 20 years. He will glady meet you at the ferry dock, airport, or anywhere else you pop-up on Nevis

    Here is a link to his contact details on my site


    Just be sure to give him a good few days notice.

    Hope this helps, Mike

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