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Bountiful Tahiti - The Vacation of a Lifetime

istock_000008920084mediumAre you one that like to live life to the fullest and is not content to sit on his / hers laurels while on vacation?  Are you looking for a place that can provide enough memories to last a life time?  Traveling the beautiful waters of Tahiti can afford you the opportunity to experience natures best up close and personal including encounters with everything from Humpback Wales to Blacktip Reef sharks.  Tahiti is so romantic that you and your partner will be absolutely mesmerized the interaction of nature and the beautiful blue sea.  As a travel writer I absolutely cannot say enough good things about Tahiti.  I have traveled the world over yet I still get excited when I learn that I am headed back to my favorite string of islands. 

There is simply nothing on the planet that compares to the beauty of the natural sun light or the blueness of the ocean on the tiny island in the middle of the south pacific.   On my next trip I’ am  on visiting one of my old favorites, the island of Moorea.  If you plan your trip at the correct time of year Moorea makes an excellent home base for a whale watching excursion.  There are also many incredible dive sites that will give you easy access to Lemon Sharks, Black tip sharks as well as coral formations so vibrant that even the most seasoned divers will be impressed.  If you are looking for a vacation that has the potential to truly change your life then you should consider the lovely island of Tahiti.

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