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Walk With The Butterflies On St. Martin

stmartinWith an international border cutting right through the island, St. Martin is certainly unique to not only the Caribbean, but also to the world. While the fine French cuisine, the fashion, the local culture, and the beautiful beaches offer so much, a trip to the Butterfly Farm on the island is an experience you will not want to miss. Described as unique, beautiful, and educational, this attraction is certainly worth your time to experience a special kind of Caribbean experience.

If you can imagine that, rather than walking down the beach, you are walking through a rain forest that is decorated with the color and scent of large trees and beautiful flowers. Through it all, there are butterflies flying all around you and above you. That is exactly what you will experience at the Butterfly Farm at St. Martin. Opened in 1994, the farm is the brainchild of two eccentric English investors, William Slayter and John Coward. Though the farm in St. Martin is the first, they have since opened farms in Aruba and Grand Caymen.

The butterflies are contained to the area by a mesh screen that still allows them to fly about naturally and live their full live cycles. You will be able to see hundreds of wild and exotic butterflies as they fly freely throughout the enclosure. Located in their natural environment, these butterflies are at ease and many are friendly enough that they will fly right up to you and even land on you.

The dozens of species inside the Butterfly Farm include some of the most beautiful in the world. The Owl Butterfly, with its eye wings, is one of the more popular at the farm. Additionally, guests enjoy the Tree Nymph butterfly, known not just for its beauty but also its friendliness. The Blue Morpho butterfly is also noted for its brilliant color and grace. It is hard for visitors to get enough of these beautiful insects that flutter all around the gorgeous enclosure.

If you want to handle the butterflies, you can do that too. Simply talk to a guide and learn the secrets to handling these awe inspiring and yet fragile creatures. Once you have been taught, enjoy the butterflies as up close and personal as is possible.

What’s more, you can also see every stage of the butterfly life. The Butterfly Farm includes tiny butterfly eggs, caterpillars, and even the cocooned pupa stage. A visit early in the morning offers the best opportunity to enjoy the site of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. You can then observe as the new butterfly takes off in its maiden flight. Being witness to every stage of the butterfly life is a truly moving experience that can be seen few places as regularly as at the Butterfly Farm.

As you can imagine, the Butterfly Farm in St. Martin is a truly unique experience. With dozens of species and hundreds of butterflies, the farm offers a lot to see. Additionally, you can get the opportunity to handle the butterflies as well as see their entire lifecycle. When you travel to St. Martin, do yourself a favor and give the Butterfly Farm a shot.

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