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CNBC Examines the 30 Billion Dollar a Year Cruise Industry

Will this terrible economy suck the cruise industry down a difficult whirlpool of financial despair? Correspondent Peter Greenberg leads an investigation into the fastest growing segment of the travel industry - cruise vacations. While spending seven days aboard the Norwegian Pearl, Greenberg and his crew document what happens behind the scenes while the thousands of passengers sail in blissful ignorance. The Norwegian Pearl is one of the newest ships in Norwegian Cruise Line’s fleet. This new ship is more than intimidating with fourteen stories and more than three football fields long. It’s home to more than 4000 passengers and crew. Greenberg is allowed to venture above and below deck to document the inner workings of the ship and the business itself.

Greenberg reveals how the cruise industry sets its pricing, starting with the most luxurious accommodations, which go for $26,000 a week, butler included. We are taught about the huge gap between the baseline cabin and the cost of indulging in a “no holds barred suite”. The television report helps explain common perceptions and misperceptions about safety and security at sea while it allows us “the viewers” behind the scenes access to how the ship’s crew prepares for real life emergencies. This CNBC documentary gives us a rare look at this newest of ship’s state-of-the-art security operation. Never would we have imagined there are 1100 surveillance cameras to monitor the ship 24/7.

“Cruise Inc: Big Money On The High Seas” premiers on Tuesday, March 24th at 9PM. The documentary will repeat on Sunday, March 29th at 10PM

Here’s a sneak peek:

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