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Beaches, Lobsters & Conchs in Anegada

Anegada Spiny LobsterAnegada is known for its mile long beaches and wonderfully sculpted sea bottom. Scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will surely feast on the exotic marine life creeping up the shoreline and the vast coral reef system visible through the clear waters. Sunbathers can enjoy a peaceful day on Anegada’s white sandy beaches, without having to worry about bumping into another body at the shore’s expanse. But that’s not all Anegada is all about.

A visit to this part of the British Virgin Islands won’t be complete without tasting it’s famous lobster. It has been said that Anegada has the largest and tastiest crustaceans in the world, such that many just come to enjoy this delectable feast. Restaurants offer various kinds of cuisines revolving around lobsters that you will probably not run out of choices on how to enjoy this shelled creature. Live lobster aquariums can be seen in some food establishments, which are filled and emptied on a daily basis; so you are sure to be eating them fresh.

One of the most famous restaurants, Cow Wreck Beach Bar & Grill, is specifically famous for its lobster. That’s quite a claim because many other larger restaurants like Neptune’s Treasure and Pomato Point also serve lobster. In fact, all restaurants, whatever size, serve lobsters as part of their regular menu.

Swordfish is quite a famous delicacy in Anegada. Swordfish is often served grilled marinated with local seasonings. Other kinds of fish are served, along with shrimps, crabs and oysters. Seafood is a restaurant staple in the Caribbean and you won’t ever run out of ways to enjoy them.

It would seem that seafood is a staple in this part of the Virgin Islands, but not quite so. Rice is a primary part of every meal, either served simply steamed or with various herbs and spices. Pieces of meat, poultry and vegetables will find their way into rice meals. Rice concoctions are a must try as well as the famous Caribbean conch. Street vendors have quite an offering of conch, either raw with lime juice or deep fried. If you’re feeling adventurous, you may try eating them raw as many connoisseurs swear its quite an experience. Be wary though because conch food poisoning is not uncommon, so be eat raw conch from more popular establishments. Conch fritters are sold at every street corner, and this is probably the most celebrated dish in the British Virgin Islands.

Although surrounded entirely by water, Anegada also offers a selection of chicken, pork and beef fares. American food is not unknown on this part of the world so don’t be surprised to see Ribs, Steak and Burgers on the menu. This is primarily because many of the tourists come in from mainland US and a person can only eat so much seafood. Picky eaters need not worry about the food choices because there are establishments like Big Bamboo and Anegada Reef Hotel Restaurants that can cater to your gastronomic needs.

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  1. Uuuuhh… those “anegada lobsters” in picture are not the spiny lobsters caught in caribbean. those are from cold atlantic waters off new england, probably. spiny lobsters are on anegada plates. sorry guys. a lobster is not a lobster is not a lobster…

  2. You were right! We have changed it to a correct image.

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