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A Great Getaway

mayaguanaWhen you go to Mayaguana in the Bahamas you are getting away from the duties of everyday life. It is a place to recharge your body and mind. To regroup with your family and just have some quiet fun together on this isolated island.

Lay on the beach and let the sun take you away. Watch the sunrise and set from that same spot on the beach. There is no need to pack your day full of events like you do when at home. Instead, unwind those stressed muscles and watch the family bond again. The kids can play on the beach while you read that good book you have been wanting to read, but didn’t have the time.

Once you are done recharging in the sun, you can take a loon around the island and see what it has to offer. How about a boat trip or maybe sailing would be better? To lazily lounge on the clear blue sea as you eat a nice lunch with your family. The wildlife just inches below you and if you are lucky you will get to see something amazing in the water.

If you want to really see what lurks below the surface, then you can do some diving and fishing. See those wonderful things inches in front of your face. The beauty of the ocean floor and the life that exists there is unbelievable and keeps people coming back for more. When fishing, you can see all the fish that you may not want to really be up close and personal with, but have always wanted to see it in person, at a distance. The ocean really can give you something new and exciting each and every time you visit.

You can even get a guided tour of the island and all the things it has to offer. Shopping, which is a must wherever you go. You can see all the birds and other wildlife that live on land. The family can enjoy these things together and each see something the other didn’t. It would be a fun trip to exchange stories of what you saw over dinner in one of the fine restaurants you will find on the island, later that evening.

You will find tons of attractions that will keep you and your family busy the whole trip, but in a fun relaxing way. Learning about the island and its culture is something that most love to do when visiting a new place. It’s neat to see all the artifacts that maybe in stores or museums that you can see and read about. This way you take a piece of that history home with you on each trip you take, no matter where you go. It’s something to pass along to your family year after year. That is what the island is doing for you when you learn and take and interest in the things around you. So, let it all sink in, relax, and enjoy your trip to Mayaguana.

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