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Culture, Sailing, and Shopping

bahamasWhen you think of the Bahamas do you get a warm and calm since of peace? Can you hear the ocean waves hitting the beautiful sandy beaches? This is what most think of when they want to take a getaway to Long Island in the Bahamas.

The Island itself is only 80 miles long and divided into different sections by the Tropic of Cancer. This only adds to its beauty and lets you see the wonderful, picturesque views from the hilltops located on the southern part of the island.

There are many things to do on the island once you get there. You can relax on the warm beaches that stretch for miles along the coast. You can fish and see all the wildlife that call Long Island home. Dive and get a up close and personal look at what lurks beyond the surface. Things you normally just see on television will now hold a special place in your heart. It really is breathtaking.

How about taking a family boating or sailing trip? You can glide over the deep blue ocean and just be amazed with the wonders of what nature has to offer, if you just take the time to notice and enjoy it. Take a nice lunch that you can all enjoy and just spend the time together that you may not get at home. Vacation is about relaxing and enjoying things that you don’t have or make time to do when at home.

If you would like to learn more about the Island and the culture that it holds, you can visit the Long Island Museum. See how things have changed over the years and what makes the island so unique. It’s fun to learn more about the place you would love to call home.

Some landmark’s that are a must see for tourist are the Dean’s Blue Hole. It is located just off the shore and is the worlds deepest blue hole that can go as far as 600 feet to the oceans floor. It’s an amazing site. There is also the Hamilton’s Cave that attracts many. Here you will find years, upon years of artifacts some dating back to 1935. Make it a family adventure and see what wonderful things you can see and learn about along the way. The island is full of things like this.

Then there is shopping. You can’t forget shopping in all the cute little shops and just making a day of looking around town. It’s always fun to find neat little things to take home and remember the trip. There is plenty to do for the whole family on Long Island and you will enjoy every minute of it. Whether you relax on the beach or want to try a new water sport, Long Island has it all and will make your stay wonderful. You just have to bring your family and let the island do the rest. It doesn’t get much better than the Long Island beaches in the Bahamas.

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