One of the beautiful Caribbean Islands, Anguilla is the farthest north of all the Leeward Islands. Consisting of five breathtakingly different islands, Anguilla covers over 35 square miles. With many different bays, smaller islands, and enchanting white sand beaches, Anguilla is the perfect place to enjoy an island getaway either with someone special, or with the whole family. But, don’t worry about being completely deserted, with several top resorts and hotels to choose from, your stay will be far from ordinary. Anguilla’s exquisite island cuisine is to die for, and you are sure to find something to please your mouth every time you sit down to a meal here.

With a multitude of museums, historic sites, art galleries, and activities galore, there is never a shortage of things to do here. From dancing to horseback riding to just lounging in the sun on the beach, you are sure to find the perfect activity to make your stay here wonderfully unique.

Water Sports
What great tropical island vacation would be complete without a little fun in the ocean, and Anguilla has plenty of fun water sports to keep you, and your family, happy your entire visit. We offer such fun water activities as: diving and snorkeling, charter sailboats for daily outings, paddle boating, water skiing, fishing, para sailing, and even glass bottom boat trips. Oh, and don’t forget the multitude of white-sand beaches that await you as well. With over 30 different beaches to choose from, each with it’s own magnificent views, there is no overcrowding here!

Island Diversity
The island was colonized in the 1600’s by English settlers, and the United Kingdom incorporated it and two other islands into one dependency in the early 1900’s. But, in 1980, Anguilla withdrew from the dependency, to become it’s own separate dependency and remains a British territory still today. But the island’s cultural history is still alive and strong thanks to the Anguilla National Trust. Many ancient sites have been found all over the island, with artifacts dating back several hundreds of years, to before the English arrived here. Native Anguillans are always happy to share their culture with visitors, from festivals and celebrations to their national sport – boat racing – and are always smiling and ready to meet new people who arrive daily to enjoy their wonderful home.

Not only does Anguilla have a great assortment of water sports, there are plenty of things to do on dry land as well. Anguilla has a great selection of museums, art galleries, and tours for visitors to enjoy, as well as other activities such as hiking, golf, biking, and horseback riding. Any activity can be planned through your hotel or resort on a daily basis to allow you full control over your visit to this breathtaking island.

Feel at Home on Beautiful Anguilla

Though you don’t find too many huge resorts or an influx of tourists, you will find that the people of Anguilla are very accommodating and they are always looking to help you have a great time. Simply put, the people on the island take great pride in their country and they let that pride rub off on visitors at every turn of the clock. When you head down to the gorgeous island of Anguilla, there are some things you need to know in order to make your stay much more enjoyable.
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