The largest of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean, Antigua covers over 100 square miles and is home to around 68,000 islanders. With it’s mountain, Boggy Peak, rising proudly and it’s beautiful beaches that surround it, Antigua has something for every vacationer to enjoy. Antigua is home to a vast array of restaurants, which serve everything from authentic Mexican dishes to fast food to other international dishes, so even if you don’t enjoy the native cuisine, you are sure to find many other foods to enjoy on your stay.

Voted the best place for a tropical wedding, Antigua is home to some of the most romantic spots around to say your vows or just renew them, and many hotels and resorts will be able to help you plan your big day down to the smallest detail. From beach front weddings to a chapel overlooking the ocean, there are so many great places to have your wedding performed here, you might have trouble choosing just one!

Water Sports
This wonderful tropical paradise is home to many water sports that everyone will enjoy. You can always find some way to have fun in the calm waters around Antigua, such as: diving and snorkeling, boating, windsurfing, swimming with marine life, deep sea fishing, sailing, and, of course, it’s wonderful array of beaches. And, each May, you can be a part of Antigua’s Sailing Week, a world-renown event, which brings thousands of visitors and boats to the island each year.

Island Diversity
Discovered completely by accident by Christopher Columbus, Antigua is said to be named after a famous church in Spain, the Santa Maria la Antigua. After several struggles with other countries, and with other indians, the island was finally claimed by Britian and settled by a group of Englishmen and women in the 1600’s. Antigua remained under British control until the early 1980’s, when it gained its independence.

Antigua is also home to many other activities to keep you and your vacation unique and fun. Other activities that you can enjoy on your stay here include: hunting, hiking, biking, guided tours, safaris, seafaris, art galleries, museums, historical sites, golf, and helicopter tours of the islands.

The Rich History Behind Antigua’s Attractions

The Rich History Behind Antigua’s Attractions

If there ever is such a thing as a real version of the concept of heaven on earth, then one would most definitely claim to have discovered it while visiting the gorgeous place known as Antigua (pronounced as an-TEE’gah). Antigua is the main land mass of the twin-island nation of Antigua & Barbuda and is also known in local parlance as Wadadli, which more or less means “our own”. It is the most developed and thriving among the islands of the Caribbean area mostly because of its chic and luxurious tourism industry, offshore banking and several other notable aspects.
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