St Kitts


When one travels to St. Kitts, they find themselves in a lush tropical paradise not unlike that of the South Pacific. A volcanic island, the dormant cloud- fringed peak of the spectacular Mount Liamuiga looms in the center, casting its shadow over the lush vegetation. For sheer beauty alone, St. Kitts makes a wonderful place to spend your vacation. Located in the northern part of the Leeward Islands in the eastern Caribbean, St. Kitts and its close neighbor Nevis are a mere 19 degrees north of the equator. The climate is temperate, with an average temperature of 79 degrees; and the annual rainfall totals an average of 55 inches. With low humidity, the northeastern tradewinds keep the island cool.

Water Sports
There is a rich history here. Originally settled by the Arawak Indians, they were eradicated by Spanish warfare and disease. Christopher Columbus was said to have given St. Kitts its European name and Captain John Smith was said to have spent a few days on Nevis in 1607 before going on to establish the colony of Virginia. Before long, the island became known for its tobacco and sugar cane. But today, St. Kitts is known for its surgary white sandy beaches. Basseterre, the Island’s capital, is a very picturesque harbor town. The people wish to preserve the natural beauty and history so there is a law that states that no building be taller than the palm trees.

Island Diversity
While on St. Kitts, there are many different water sports for everyone to enjoy. From swimming to diving to snorkeling, the calm ocean waters are perfect for those who just long to get some fun in the water, as the undersea beauty rivals that of the land with the colorful tropical fish, reefs and unexplored wrecks. But, these aren’t the only water sports here. You can also find: deep sea fishing, glass bottom boat tours, sailing, motorboat rentals, water skiing, and jet skiing. If you can think it, you can do it here on St. Kitts!

From the lush resort hotels to the quaint little guest houses and inns, there are accommodations to fit every need and budget. The restaurants offer a wide range of cuisines served in either a formal atmosphere or outside beachside. Throughout the island there are many different and exciting places to explore such as haunted plantations, restored fortresses, ancient petroglyphs and many other historic points of interest. But exploring history is only one of the many things to enjoy on St. Kitts. Let us not forget all the other wonderful events and things to do: The St. Kitts Music Festival, featuring the best of local Soca and Calypso music; the “Mardi Gras of the Island” – the St. Kitts Carnival; and catamaran cruises. Don’t forget the wonderful boutiques, island craft shops and duty free stores. If you want a place to visit full of beauty, history, culture and shopping, St. Kitts is the place.

Carnival On St. Kitts In The Caribbean

Carnival On St. Kitts In The Caribbean

The Caribbean island of St. Kitts offers up all of the attractions you want in a tropical destination. You can find swimming and sunny beaches, as well as water skiing and canoeing. You will also find boating and fishing in the waters surrounding the island, however; if you really want to enjoy everything that St. Kitts has to offer, then consider a trip during mid-December. Then, you can enjoy the celebration of carnival. Worth the time and effort, it is a truly unique Caribbean celebration.
The celebration of carnival is not exactly like the other festivals that pop up year round [...]