South Pacific


The islands in the South Pacific are some of the most diverse on the planet. From black sand to white sand to pink sand beaches, from the Polynesian culture to the Indonesian culture, you are sure to find a unique vacation experience at each different island here. With the majority of the islands so close together, it is very easy to book a day trip to any island to enjoy several different islands and cultures while you are on vacation in the South Pacific.

This part of paradise has inspired more than a few romantics to woo the South Pacific islands like it was an elusive maiden, and once you get here, you’ll see why. The turquoise-azure waters are almost surreal, the tropical scenery is beyond description, and the gorgeous white sands of pristine beaches are beyond comparison. Top that off with year-long sunshine and a very accosting people, and you have a veritable paradise on earth.

The South Pacific is dotted by over seven thousand island and islets, scattered over the great expanse of the big blue, so you get a good sense of the sublime wherever you go. The five hundred or so islands which are inhabited offer such a diversity of cultures, that you’ll hardly believe you’re in the same region if not for the ubiquitously exquisite scenery. And since each island is easily accessible from the others due to the archipelago’s tightly-knit closeness, it’s the perfect place to island hop. And there’s never a throng of tourists at the destinations, so you’ll have your moment of solitude once you yearn for it.

Bountiful Tahiti - The Vacation of a Lifetime

Are you one that like to live life to the fullest and is not content to sit on his / hers laurels while on vacation?  Are you looking for a place that can provide enough memories to last a life time?  Traveling the beautiful waters of Tahiti can afford you the opportunity to experience natures best up close and personal including encounters with everything from Humpback Wales to Blacktip Reef sharks.  Tahiti is so romantic that you and your partner will be absolutely mesmerized the interaction of nature and the beautiful blue sea.  As a travel writer I absolutely cannot [...]

The Beautiful Islands Of French Polynesia

The Beautiful Islands Of French Polynesia

The archipelago consists of different islands each with its own distinction and culture. Included in the French Polynesian Islands are Marquesas, Gambier, Australs, Society Islands, Tuamotu Islands, and Australs. Furthermore, the islands are known for their white sandy beaches, volcanic peaks and valleys. The beauty of the French Polynesia is something worth visiting for the first time, and is definitely worth coming back for.
The Society Island is home to the famous islands Tahiti and Bora Bora. In Tahiti, travelers have a lot of sites to choose from. Here you can visit the Harrison Smith Botanical Garden and The Museum of [...]

Swains Island a Small Wonder In the Pacific

Swains Island a Small Wonder In the Pacific

Swains Island, part of the American Samoa, is part of the Tokelau island chain and is part of the United States of America. The island is approximately some 372 acres in size. The whole area has a unique structure as it has a freshwater lagoon that is enclosed within the island. This is the islands source of water as well. It is also surrounded by a ring of sand and corals, and a lot of coconut palm tree vegetation. Swains only has a population of 37 people.
The small isle was first discovered by a Portuguese navigator under the Spanish flag [...]

Untouched Oasis In Irian Jaya

Untouched Oasis In Irian Jaya

We take a peek at one of the worlds unspoiled area in the eastern part of Indonesia called West Papua Irian Jaya. Travelers have come to this part of the world to experience the rich rain forests, rivers, beautiful beaches, and breath-taking mountains. The tallest peak on the island would be Mount Jayawijaya, which towers a good 5,000 meters high. From there you will see stream lined rivers that pass through the thick rain forests. Travelers have also come to West Papua to visit the people that inhabit this island. The Irian people have a very distinct look from [...]

Rarotonga - An Idyllic South Pacific Escape

If not for its wayward location, Rarotonga could easily be one of the most tourist-friendly islands in the Pacific. It is surprisingly well-developed despite its off path location. While most of the destination ports in Polynesia are barely a few hours from each other (if you’re on a cruise, that is), Rarotonga is accessible only after an entire day’s sail. There’s no wonder why it is such a favorite South Pacific port of call, however, especially for cruise ships which are practically floating islands in themselves. And since the sail comes from relatively distant French Polynesia, the sudden sea voyage [...]

Raiatea - a Rare Find Amid the South Pacific

Although quiet Raiatea is the second largest island in the French Polynesia, it remains to this day an unspoiled destination in the South Pacific, even with ultrachic Bora Bora close by. In fact, Raiatea can be a destination in itself if you have to choose between the islands which dot the region. Inhabited yet very lightly populated, the island still offers a surprisingly wide variety of panoramas, both from the coast and from its interior.
Back in the time of ancestry, Raiatea was famously known as the sacred isle, and with good reason: the island was the hub of [...]