The island of Mayaguana is one of unspoiled and undiscovered tranquility. It is located 60 miles north of Inagua, and its population is a little over 300. It is a fertile island with wooded terrain and well suited to farming. Farming and fishing are the main industry of those living on this peaceful island. Although there are plenty of things to do here, this island paradise is mainly known for offering a laid back vacation spot to visitors who are just looking to get away from their hectic lives.

Water Sports
For yachters, Mayaguana is a great stop, providing a peaceful quiet place to relax and enjoy the miles of secluded beaches, allowing you to feel like a true castaway. You can also find great sport fishing here on Mayaguana for all types of fish large and small. For those who prefer to dive or snorkel, the island offers some great places to see marine life at it’s best and to allow you to enjoy some of the undersea world. You can always just lay back on one of the beaches here and soak up some sun if you just want to relax.

Island Diversity
Until 1812, the island was pretty much uninhabited. Later people from the nearby Turks islands began to migrate and make their home here on Mayaguana. Today, there are people from all different backgrounds who call the island their home.

This is a sleepy, relaxed island with only about three main towns, the largest being Abrahams Bay. If you are looking for peace, quiet, and complete relaxation Mayaguana should be your destination! You can find some great local cuisine to enjoy while on your stay here, as well as local markets for shopping and finding some great items to take home with you. Be sure to ask your hotel or locals about some of the best places to visit while on your stay here, as they will always know the best spots to enjoy.

A Great Getaway

A Great Getaway

When you go to Mayaguana in the Bahamas you are getting away from the duties of everyday life. It is a place to recharge your body and mind. To regroup with your family and just have some quiet fun together on this isolated island.
Lay on the beach and let the sun take you away. Watch the sunrise and set from that same spot on the beach. There is no need to pack your day full of events like you do when at home. Instead, unwind those stressed muscles and watch the family bond again. The kids can play on the [...]