Long Island


Long Island lies 160 miles southeast of Nassau, and is 80 miles long and 4 miles wide. It is considered one of the most unspoiled and picturesque of the Bahama Islands. The coastlines are in stark contrast to each other–one side being mostly made up of white, powdery beaches, and the other with rocky outcroppings dropping into the sea. With its network of caves, cliffs and hills, it is much different from the tropical scene one would expect to see, yet it is a beautiful place!

There is also salt production here, but most of the natives make a living from growing peas, corn, pineapples and bananas. They also raise sheep, goats, and pigs, and are able to provide for the needs of some of the other nearby islands.

Water Sports
One of the biggest events on the island is the Long Island Sailing Regatta which takes place either in May or June. The beaches here are spectacular, and one of the world’s top ten beaches is at Cape Santa Maria. The area is a mecca for snorkelers and divers, one of the favorite places being Stella Maris. Bonefishing is also popular at Stella Maris, as well as all around the island. There are many different tours and other guides that offer deep sea fishing, or you can try your own luck. While here, take advantage of boating and sailing by chartering a boat, renting one, or bringing your own. You can also just lay back on the beaches and soak up some rays if you can’t decide what to do.

Island Diversity
Long Island was also settled by Loyalists during the 1700’s along with their slaves. They briefly thrived by the production of cotton, but after the freeing of slaves this was no longer profitable for them. The island’s inahbitants now are ancestors of these Loyalists and slaves who called the island their home. There are still several historical sites and old cotton plantations that you can visit and enjoy while on your stay here.

At Columbus Point you can get a breathtaking view of the harbor that Columbus sailed into where there is also a monument to him. There are also many of the old plantation ruins to discover as well as other historical sites. You can also visit some of the quiet villages and shop some of the local markets for great handicrafts and treasures that can be found no where else. There are great restaraunts where you can sample some of the local cuisine and other great sea food dishes on your stay here as well as dancing at some of the local bars.

Culture, Sailing, and Shopping

Culture, Sailing, and Shopping

When you think of the Bahamas do you get a warm and calm since of peace? Can you hear the ocean waves hitting the beautiful sandy beaches? This is what most think of when they want to take a getaway to Long Island in the Bahamas.
The Island itself is only 80 miles long and divided into different sections by the Tropic of Cancer. This only adds to its beauty and lets you see the wonderful, picturesque views from the hilltops located on the southern part of the island.
There are many things to do on the island once you get there. [...]