Inagua is actually made up of two islands, Great Inagua being the third largest island in the Bahamas, and Little Inagua. Great Inagua is 20 miles wide and 40 miles long, and it’s population is 1200. The name is actually an anagram for the creature at home here–the Iguana! Little Inagua is uninhabited except by the animals that make it home, and encompasses an area of 30 square miles.

One of the interesting things about Great Inagua is its huge production of salt. The Morton Salt Company on the island puts out an astounding million pounds! Over an area of 12,000 acres, there are a total of 80 salt ponds used in production!

A large population of flamingo’s reside here at the Inagua National Park, covering an area of 287 square miles. They had almost been to the point of extinction, but now their number has increased to more than 60,000!

Water Sports
As with most of the Bahama Islands, there is a great number of sites here on Inagua for you to snorkel and dive to enjoy some breathtaking marine life and scenery. No matter your skill level, you can find a great underwater adventure here. For those who prefer to stay a little drier, you can set sail in the warm waters that surround the islands, by chartering a boat, renting one, or bringing your own to enjoy. If you prefer to fish your time away here, there is a vast array of fish that make their home in the waters that surround Inagua so you can find some of the greatest deep sea fishing here as well. Or, you can just take a break from it all and relax on some of the beautiful beaches here.

Island Diversity
In the 1600’s a Captain Phipps had come here looking for treasure from Spanish ships that had sunk off the shores of these islands. Later, it is thought that a Haitian king by the name of Henry Christophe built a palace for himself here to enjoy during the summer, although there are no remains of it today. There are historical sites all around the island, so be sure to enjoy some of the rich history while you are here.

Great Inagua is considered the “wild west” of the Bahamas, and is known for its natural beauty. So take advantage of the animal and bird life to be seen at the Inagua National Park, home of the flamingoes! At this park, you can see some of the most exotic birds that can only be found in the Bahamas and enjoy their colors and sounds. You can also find some great markets to shop for treasures and trinkets while on your stay here. Be sure to check with your hotel for specials on tours and other great things to do while on vacation here in the Inagua islands.

The Animals of Inagua

The Animals of Inagua

Inagua is an anagram for “Iguana”, an animal that is indigenous to the island: the iguana. Inagua is actually made up of two different islands: Great and Little Inagua. The Inagua’s are a naturalist’s paradise and Great Inagua has been called the “great outback” or “wild west”. The traveler who is interested in something more than resorts, golf and shopping will find this a wonderful and unusual place to visit. Rare birds and reptiles thrive; wild donkeys and cows ramble and wild boar are chased and hunted for food and sport. The principal forms of recreation are the usual snorkeling, [...]