Eluethera get its name from a greek word meaning “Freedom”. The island is 161 miles long, and only 2 miles wide so you will always find yourself close to the beautiful beaches! It is populated by 10,000 residents who live in charming villages full of pastel colored cottages. Most of the roads run along the coastline and are driveable, but some are not adequately paved.

The island is split into northern and southern areas, and nearby are two other popular islands called Harbour Island and Spanish Wells. Eleuthera is host to a large concentration of resort hotels, so there is no lack of places to stay! The island is also known for its pineapples, and considered the sweetest in the world. Until the island was hit by hurricane Andrew, its export of pineapples topped 50,000 a year!

Water Sports
There are many excellent snorkel and dive sites to be found here, no matter what your level of expertise is. From beaches and lagoons to caves and deep water diving, there is something for everyone to see and enjoy while diving here. For those anglers, you can also enjoy a wealth of fish including dolphinfish, blue and white marlin, and amberjack. Reef fishing is popular as well and most tour guides will offer a variety of fishing experiences for you to choose from. Of course, you can always just take a leisurely swim and then soak up some sun on one of the beautiful beaches here.

Island Diversity
Eleuthera’s earliest inhabitants were the Arawak indians, and when the Spanish arrived they were nearly destroyed by murder or were taken as slaves. Later a small band of English pilgrims arrived looking for religious freedom and made Eleuthera their home. These first English settlers were believed to have given the island it’s name and most of it’s culture. While there are still some native influences, the English influence is the most felt while on your vacation here.

One of the oldest and most appealing of the villages is Dunmore Town on Harbour Island. On Eleuthera each year during the first week of June enjoy a celebration of the pineapple, since that has been the island’s main commercial export. It may have roots in a tradition started by sea captains returning home who would place a pineapple on their gate post to let family and friends know they were safely back. Another interesting place to visit is Preacher’s Cave, where the pilgrims who came here took shelter and worshipped here on their arrival to the island. Check out Hatchet Bay Cave as well. The inside is shaped like a cathedral’s vaulted ceiling, and runs over a mile long!

Natural Beauty Of The Caribbean

Natural Beauty Of The Caribbean

Three hundred years ago, the one hundred ten mile long and pencil thin island of Eleuthera was settled by a small band of English pilgrims seeking religious freedom. The name “Eleuthera” is the Greek word for Freedom. Today, modern day adventurers find themselves seeking out the freedom and treasures of Eleuthera. This is an island of casual sophistication and those who find themselves there will savor the all of the gifts and beauty this island has to offer. Miles of pink and white sand beaches, crystal clear blue water, quaint little colonial settlements and the lush tropical foliage of the [...]