Cat Island


Cat Island lies over 300 miles away from Miami, and may have gotten its name from a famous British sea captain/pirate named Arther Catt. The island is shaped like a boot, and is known for being the most lush and fertile of the Bahamas islands. For those looking for a peaceful retreat from a hectic lifestyle, this is where to go. From the island’s highest point at Mt. Alvernia, there is a spectacular view of dense forests, and endless miles of pink and white sand beaches. There are also plenty of native culture and cusine for you to enjoy while on your stay here as well, so there is truly something for everyone here on Cat Island.

Water Sports
If you want to just relax on a lush pink sand beach and do nothing, then come to Cat Island! There are unlimited stretches of secluded beaches to discover and wander on. Take your beach towel and soak up some sun on the gorgeous 10 mile long pink sand Fine Beach! You can also find some great diving and snorkeling areas here as well. Cat Island can offer some great locations for diving, such as sunken ships, coral reefs, beaches, and lagoons to provide you with a vast array of diving and snorkeling areas. You can also find some great fishing here too, so for those that are fishermen or women, this is another great water sport that you can enjoy while on your stay here on Cat Island.

Island Diversity
One of the most wealthy colonies of Loyalists was here on Cat Island. During the 1700s cotton was king, and many became prosperous due to the cultivation of cotton. Cat Island was also home to Adam James Howe, 1st English Commander during the American Revolution. Port Howe is named after him. Most of the wonderful history is still alive and well here on Cat Island. You can visit some of the historical sites and learn more about the rich and diverse history of the Island on your stay here.

There are many points of interest on the island, but one of the most recommended sights is to be found at Comer Hill. At 206 feet above the sea, it is the highest point in the Bahamas! From Mount Alvernia, not only do you see spectacular views, but you will also see the Hermitage, a 12th century monastery built by Monsignor John C. Hawes. At Arthur’s Town you will also find the boyhood home of reknowned actor Sidney Poitier. There are also many different historical sites that you can visit while on your stay here. Or, you can shop at the local markets and stores to find some great treasures and art to take home with you. You can always ask your hotel or ask some of the locals about tours and some of the best places to see and visit while staying here on Cat Island.

The History Behind The Cat

The History Behind The Cat

Believed to be one of the most beautiful islands in The Bahamas, Cat Island is a lush, fertile sanctuary providing tranquility for those seeking to escape the pressures of modern society. Once a stop for Arthur Catt, famous British sea captain or notorious pirate (depending on whom you speak with), it is said that this island was named after him. Another theory for the name is the hordes of wild cats that the English encountered when arriving in the 1600’s. These cats were said to be descendants of the tamer pet cats that were orphaned by the early Spanish colonists [...]