The island of Bimini is located 50 miles east of Miami, and is only 7 miles long, and almost 700 feet wide. There are only 1600 people residing on the island, most of whom live in Baileytown. The commercial center of the island is Alice town, and there is only one road through the town. It is called the King’s Highway, and you can find some small shops, local restaurants, and several laid back bars there. For a getaway that isn’t too far from home, Bimini is the place to visit.

Water Sports
Fishing in Bimini is also a large portion of the excitement you will find on the island. Size and variety of fish is unparalleled. Among these are sailfish, tuna, and wahoo, and there have been over 50 world records set in the waters of Bimini! There are also many interesting dive sites including wrecks of Spanish galleons, black coral, and a stone formation that some feel is part of the lost city of Atlantis! If you want to swim with the dolphins, there are operators that will arrange that adventure for you to enjoy while on your stay here. You can also enjoy sailing and boating in the warm tropical waters that surround Bimini. Or, just lay back on the beaches and soak up some rays..

Island Diversity
The early settlers of Bimini were of West African descent, and migrated to the island after being emancipated. The first colony originally resided in South Bimini, and then moved to the north to take advantage of shipping lanes. During that time much of their goods were taken from shipwrecks, and later moved more into farming for themselves. While the women tended the farms, men went fishing for conch, crawfish, crab, sponge, and turtles. They also raised small forms of livestock.

Ernest Hemingway was inspired by the fishing in the waters of Bimini, and this resulted in his book “Islands in the Stream”. During August 1-6 there is a Hemingway Festival that one can enjoy. There are many small markets that you can shop at while on your vacation here to find some great handmade crafts and local art to remind you of your visit to Bimini. You can also enjoy some native cuisine at some of the local restaraunts and bars around the island. There is also a laid back night life here on Bimini, so you can enjoy dinner and dancing into the morning hours if it suits you while on vacation here.

Fishing, Swimming, and Just Hanging Out

Fishing, Swimming, and Just Hanging Out

Bimini is a popular destination for Americans being a mere 48 miles from Miami. Three major islands make up Bimini: North, South, and East Bimini. Each is rich with natural resources and history. Bailey Town, in North Bimini, is home to most of the islands’ 1600 residents, while another town – Alice Town – is the main tourist center. Most of the restaurants, fishing and hotels are found here. Interestingly, Bimini is also believed to be part of the road system of the Lost Continent of Atlantis. Today, however, Bimini’s main claim to fame is being known as the “Game [...]