Berry Islands


Lying just to the northeast of Andros island are the “Berrys” (named by the locals). They are made up of a chain of 30 cays and islets shaped like a stirrup. The population is only 634, and most of the residents live on the two largest cays, Great Harbour and Chub. Most of the cays are privately owned, and the Berrys are known to have more millionaires each square mile than many places in the world! It is also a popular stop for yachters on their way between Florida and Nassau. So for those who like to rub elbows with the rich and famous, the Berry Islands are the vacation destination for you.

Water Sports
For divers, the Berrys are a major centre. The Chub Cay Wall, The Canyons, and the Eel Garden are magnificent places to take advantage of this sport. With the vast array of different diving areas all offering their own unique variety of fish and plant life, you are sure to find breathtaking views and marine life at every turn. For fisherman, Chub Cay is considered the “Billfish Capital of the Bahamas”. Each May, in Great Harbour Marina, an annual fishing tournament is held. People come from all over the world to join in this event and try their luck at billfishing. But, don’t forget to just lay back and enjoy some of the beautiful beaches here on the Berry Islands. There are plenty of smaller islands that are uninhabited which have beautiful beaches for you to enjoy while on your stay here.

Island Diversity
The Berry Islands, it is believed, were first inhabited in 1836. The Governor of the Berry Islands at the time, Governor Colebrooke, created an establishment for Africans that had been given their freedom from slavery. This area was located at Great Harbour Cay and helped to add to the unique island culture that is still in place today. Although the islands are not all inhabited, today, most of these islands are privately owned and this group of islands can boast the most millionares per capita.

Aside from the vast array of water sports, there are also many small shops and markets for you to find great treasures and handmade crafts to take home from the Berry Islands. For those who enjoy golf, there is a great nine-hole golf course that everyone can enjoy. Make sure to inquire from your hotel or locals around the islands which islands are the best for nature watching and for scenery. They can also recommend any tours or safaris that you can take to enjoy the Berry Islands to their fullest potential.

Castaway Adventures on Berry Island

Castaway Adventures on Berry Island

Southeast of the Bimini’s is a cluster of 30 islands and close to 100 cays known as the Berry Islands. Covered with tropical green and fringed with drifts of sand, you can find a multitude of beautiful, magical harbors and swim-ashore beaches. The land mass totals only about a dozen square miles, the largest being Great Harbour Cay at 3,800 acres. These cays rest on the eastern edge of the Great Bahama Bank, starting with Great Stirrup Cay, extending to Chub Cay in the south.
These islands are largely uninhabited but they offer spectacular diving, snorkeling and championship sport fishing – [...]