One of the many Indonesian islands, Bali is known for it’s rich culture and beauty. The starting place of the Dutch East India Company in the 17th century, Bali is still a center for international trading and meetings. Due to it’s unique position, the breathtaking beaches of Bali offer both white and black sand beaches, with one beach offering both to visitors. Bali is also known for it’s rich dance culture with it’s many forms and the beautiful temples that dot the island.

Water Sports
With some of the most beautiful beaches in the world here, Bali can offer some of the best places to soak up some sun while on your tropical vacation. From the white sand beaches of the south to the black sand beaches of the north and west to the coastal town of Padangbai which has both, you will surely find exactly the perfect spot to enjoy your days. But, laying on the beach in Bali isn’t the only water sport you can enjoy here, some others include: swimming, diving, snorkeling, fishing, navigating the rivers and streams by boat or sampan, and skiing.

Island Diversity
Bali is mostly Hindu in culture and tradition. While there are a few other religions here, Hinduism is the main one, with 93% of the population. With it’s volcanoes that are still active to it’s beaches, Bali is truly one of the great wonders of the vacationing world. There are still many historical temples and other sacred sites that dot the landscape around the island that are great attractions for both natives and tourists, so be sure to visit a few while you are here. You can also sample some of the native cuisine, or visit some of the museums and art galleries to learn more about the culture and traditions of Bali and her people.

Bali is a meca for international meetings and conferences, so you are always able to find something to do here. With the many different shops and boutiques available to browse through, you can always find just the right gift to take home with you. But, there are many other things that you can do while staying on Bali. Some of these include: dining, dancing, traditional dance and music shows, museums, art galleries, tours, car rentals, and local markets.

Get Married on Romantic Bali!

Get Married on Romantic Bali!

What is the most important day in a woman’s life? Many would say it is her wedding day. Most couples strive to make their wedding day a truly memorable experience. One of the best ways to have a memorable wedding day is to travel to an exotic location for your formal ceremony. On of the most romantic places to get married is the island of Bali!
Why is Bali one of the most popular exotic wedding destinations? Perhaps it is because of the beautiful beaches on the island. Many couples choose to have their ceremony or reception on the beaches. Opportunities [...]