Borneo is the third largest island in the world and one of the most diverse as far as ownership is concerned. Divided into three large groups, the island is controlled and inhabited by three different countries.

Water Sports
There is little in the way of actual water sports on this island because it does not contain any resorts in the true sense. Surfing is popular with some of the residents but very few travel here for the purpose as the areas are very poor and the economy has been in a downward spiral for years. Fishing is the main source of income for the locals and rarely seen as sport.

Island Diversity
The island of Borneo contains no less then thirty groups living and thriving on the island to this day. The many cultures sometimes clash but they have learned to live together in harmony. The native cultures maintain temples and festivals across the land. Borneo was at its best during the golden age when Malacca controlled the entire region. During this time it was a major sea port and used for trade in every way. The British would take control for many years until the outbreak of WWII when the Japanese invaded. The Japanese would maintain control for most of the war until the United States and United Kingdom forces took the island in a bloody four week battle.

The main activities involve ecotourism on this island. People come to tour the rich flora and fauna of the island as well as take part in some of the festivals that are highly popular. This is not considered to be a tourist destination so very little is done to that end.

Borneo, An Unspoiled Adventure Awaits You!

Borneo, An Unspoiled Adventure Awaits You!

Borneo is an island that gives visitors a change to experience the exotic. This unique island is the third largest island in the world, and there are three countries that each own part of Borneo, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Sultanate. A trip to Borneo gives one the opportunity to explore some of the last undisturbed rainforests on planet earth, some of which have been turned in to national parks. Learn more about the wonders of Borneo!
In Borneo’s many national parks, you will see a unique blend of wildlife and plant life that you cannot find anywhere else. Keep your eyes open [...]