Java Island


The Java islands can trace their roots to the prehistoric time periods and fossils of early man have been found and prove positive that it may have housed one of the earliest cultures and civilizations known to man. This is all the precursor to the times when Buddhists and Hindus would rule the land. The Java culture would erupt when the sea trade between China and India helped jump start the whole colony. It would not be long before the Muslim culture moved in which led the island to the leadership of the Chinese who would use it to the fullest.

Despite the movement of rulers and such the Java islands remained largely like they once were. The three major languages still contain the native tongue and it is taught in all schools as a first language as part of the rich history of the islands. Indonesia would eventually come to power and maintains the hold today despite the downfall of the Indonesian Nationalist movement.

Water Sports
Java is not what you would really consider a resort island for the most part. This is the reason why not a lot of the water sports have caught on here. The basic water sport of swimming is the most common and takes place on a daily basis to help with the extreme heat that can be found in the region. Surfing has never really caught on in Java. Over the time people believe that surfing will take a foot hold. Wind surfing is starting to make an appearance around the island but it is in no way as powerful as it has been elsewhere. Fishing is one of the biggest water sports. Even though the natives use fishing as an economic income, there are several places where one can find a charter boat to take them out on the water for the day.

Island Diversity
Because of the history of Java there is a lot of diversity on the island as far as the long time residents are concerned. The Muslims still maintain a massive presence and their traditions are very well known across the land. Buddhists maintain a temple on the island to this day as well as the Hindus. The Chinese have long loved the Java islands and enjoy spreading their traditions about.

The bulk of the popular activities are related to the history of Java. Many of the housing establishments offer free guided tours to the historic sections of the island. Day trips to visit the temples and demonstrations of traditional practices are always a big hit.

Ritz-Carlton in Jakarta

Ritz-Carlton in Jakarta

Java Island is the political and economic center of Indonesia and the country’s capital of Jakarta is located here in the Northwest corner of the island. There is a string of volcanoes that run down the center of the island. At the center of the island is Yogyakarta, which is the primary tourist destination. Most of the locals just call it Yogya. Here you will find a rich historical record of temples and palaces. There are many 5-star hotels on Java Island. If you decide to stay here on your vacation, then you might want to try the Ritz-Carlton in [...]