Bocas Del Toro


Bocas del Toro is the capital city of the island known as Colon in Panama. The entire province spans nine islands in the chain and welcomes visitors from the world over. Unlike other areas, this was discovered by Columbus as he was searching for passage through the Pacific. He would stop and make his rounds on the islands but never lay claim to them as he found them to be deserted and rather barren for his purposes according to the ships log he would leave behind.

Water Sports
The area is well known for its surfing because of the waves that roll in year round. Fishing around the area has been banned due to the over fishing by commercial vessels that have operated nearby. Swimming is one of the most popular water sports in the area. There are five public beaches in the city and all of them are beautiful with white sands and warm water.

Island Diversity
There is no known native culture in this city. The largest part of the population seems to be people from the nearby islands as well as though from as far away as China who have made this area a home and thriving business. Many of the newest immigrants are from Germany and the United States. The area is now its own province with individual government structure and thriving population of more than ten thousand souls.

Bar and restaurant hopping is one of the favorite past times for the tourists that visit this area. There are more than enough of these establishments to keep people busy for days and some of them are right on the beach, making them even more appealing. Ecotourism is very important in the area as well. A cave with four species of bats and some of the best bird watching can be found in Bocas del Toro.

Bocas del Toro For the Ultimate Tropical Experience

Bocas del Toro For the Ultimate Tropical Experience

Bocas del Toro, a province of Panama, is located in an archipelago near the border of Costa Rica. It is located in the island of Colon where the population is 89,300 people. The island offers a lot to its travelers such as its rain forests with different varieties of flora and fauna, numerous beaches from different parts of the island and the archipelago, coral reefs rich with marine life and mangrove forests. In addition to the islands tourist attractions is the local cuisine available in the area.