Chiriqui Province


A province of Panama, Chiriqui is swiftly growing in popularity throughout the vacationing world. While it is still mainly an agricultural province, there is a growing market for tourist attractions due to the beautiful coastal country and the wonderful atmosphere of the island. Located in the western region of Panama, there are several other great resort destinations close by for you to visit on your way in, or out, of Chiriqui, such as Bocas del Toro and Costa Rica.

Water Sports
While the tourist industry is still growing, you can enjoy a few water sports here, such as: swimming, boating, and fishing. You can also ask at your hotel or resort’s reservation desk about any seasonal water sports or new sports that you can enjoy as well. Chiriqui does have some beautiful beaches, so you can always take a break and relax on the beach, while soaking up some tropical sun!

Island Diversity
Part of Panama, Chiriqui shares the Panamanian culture and traditions. Before the Spaniards discovered the island and introduced their culture here, there were many native tribes who called the island their home and you can still find some of their sacred sites today around the island. Chiriqui was officially established as part of Colombia, before Panama became a separate country.

With the growing industry here, you can find some great local shops to visit as well as some local monuments and museums. But, for the main part of the activities on Chiriqui, exploration is the way to go. You can check with your hotel’s reservation desk to see what activities they offer guests or any new activities that are now available to you while you are in Chiriqui.

Spring Time Year Round in Panama's Chiriqui

Spring Time Year Round in Panama’s Chiriqui

Why Chiriqui? People like to go to Chiriqui because it’s like having Spring all year around. People don’t sweat and yet they don’t have to endure cold winters or hurricanes (as in Florida and the rest of the Caribbean), nor do they have to endure industrial pollution. The air is clear, cool, and pleasant; the water mountain fresh. Some travel experts compare Chiriqui to Switzerland because of the year-round temperatures of between 16 to 25 degrees Centigrade. A-frame Swedish-style homes adorn the landscape, courtesy of those Europeans who came to Panama to work on the canal. These people found themselves [...]