Colon Province


A province of Panama, Colon is swiftly becoming another of the crown jewels of tropical paradises. With its coral reefs and rain forests, and access to two different oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic, you can always find a unique experience here on Colon when you come to stay. Colon is also one the only other free trade ports in the world besides Hong Kong, making it a meca for those in the trade business and offering many different cultures and activities for you to do while here.

Water Sports
Colon Province can offer a wide variety of water sports and activities for the visitor. From cruises to diving, fishing to swimming on the reef, there are so many different water sports for you to try on your vacation that you won’t know where to start! Some of the other water activities and sports that you can enjoy while on vacation here in Colon include: skiing, boat rentals, swimming, snorkeling, and beach combing. You can also check with your travel agent or the hotel’s reservation desk to see if there are any specials offered to guests or during certain parts of the year.

Island Diversity
Colon is a part of Panama, so it shares the same rich Spanish culture along with the other Panamanian islands. From the native people to the fine Spanish dining, you can find a vast array of cultures and traditions here on Colon. Be sure to visit the newest cruise port, where you can see some of the newest ships and cruise liners come in to dock.

Since Colon is a meca for trade, there is no shortage of fine shops to visit here. From local marketplaces to upscale shopping, there is something for everyone when you are out, searching for gifts to take home with you. You can also enjoy: historical sites and monuments, bird watching tours, car, bicycle, or scooter rentals, walking tours, island tours, and dinner and dancing at your hotel or one of the many different restaurants around the island.

Spanish Forts, Tours and Fun

Spanish Forts, Tours and Fun

The Caribbean Province of Colon has a very colorful history, beginning with the arrival of the Spanish closely followed by Caribbean pirates and the gold rush 49er’s from the East Coast of the United States making the trek to California through the humid jungles of Panama. The first ever railroad to span a continent was built to accommodate these travelers and send them on their merry way. The 20th century saw the building of the famous Panama Canal.
There are two famous Spanish forts to visit here; first the one at Portobelo and the other at San Lorenzo. The easiest to [...]