The island of Bermuda is located 650 miles east of North Carolina, and because of this is a close tropical destination! It’s area covers about 20.7 square miles with 75 miles of coastline. Unknown to many, it is actually made up of 180 small islands tied together by a system of bridges. It’s terrain is low with rolling hills, it’s highest point being at Town Hill which is 259 feet above sea level. The capitol of the island is Hamilton, but the oldest colonial town is St. George. The name of the island is derived from a visiting Spaniard by the name Juan de Bermudez in 1503. It was also called the “Isle of Devils” by early seamen because of the deadly reefs offshore. Many ships came too close and were destroyed.

If you’re looking for a nearby destination rich in a variety of activities, then Bermuda should be in your plans. From its famous pink beaches, to water sports, historical diversity, arts, and the like, you will enjoy a rewarding and rich experience! Don’t forget your “bermuda” shorts!

Water Sports
One of the water activities you should definitely try is Dolphin Quest! Also, take advantage of Bermuda Bell Diving, or go to Snorkel Park. Among the many other water sports are boating, fishing, jet skiing, or go whale watching for humpback whales! Of course, Bermuda is known for it’s miles of beautiful rose-colored beaches. The color is due to the protozoan animals living in the coral reefs. When they die, their red skeletons scatter to the floor of the ocean. Then they mingle with crumbled shells of clam, snail and sea urchin, thus resulting in the rose color! Most of the islands beaches range from 15 yards long to half a mile, guaranteeing a secluded spot for anyone looking to just relax away from the hectic life!

Island Diversity
In 1609 a British ship by the name of the Sea Venture was stranded on the reefs of Bermuda. The commander of the ship, Admiral George Somers had been on his way to the New World, specifically Jamestown, Virginia. Some of the settlers were able to build a new vessel and reach their destination, but many of these British stayed behind, thus the British influence lives today! Today, Bermuda’s population is over 60,000, and many are descended from Africa, the Azores, North America/Canada, the West Indies, Portugal, and the Phillippines. The official language is English, but due to the Portugese population, that language is prevalent as well.

One of the places that you “must” see is the Royal Naval Dockyard. It’s a veritable playground for all ages, including the Clocktower Mall, and the Bermuda Arts Centre. If you love history, then visit the historical town of St. George where you can wander through heritage homes and many other historical buildings. Bermuda also can boast in that it has more golf courses per square than any place in the world! You can also enjoy seeing the Gombey Dancers, whose dance originates from the 1700’s, using drums and bottle whistles.

Visit the Gibbs lighthouse, which has 185 steps to the top, or visit the many limestone caves! Another must see is the Bermuda Aquarium and zoo, which is home to over 600 varities of fish!

Bermuda for Your Destination Wedding

What could be more romantic than a wedding and honeymoon in Bermuda with its beautiful soft pink beaches? Destination weddings have become more and more popular in recent years as couples combine their weddings with a beautiful tropical vacation. Bermuda offers easy access as it is just 650 miles off the coast of the Carolinas and offers everything you would ever want from a tropical destination. You may be surprised that destination weddings can often be an economical choice. Couples often choose to honeymoon in the Caribbean so why not get married on the island of your dreams as well?
A [...]

A Secluded Getaway In Bermuda

A Secluded Getaway In Bermuda

What are they? They’re not fish; they’re warm-blooded mammals who bear live young and nurse them just like any other mammal. They’re extremely intelligent; they learn very quickly and retain what they’ve learned for the span of their lifetimes. They have a natural sophisticated sonar system that tells them where to go and how to make their way through the waters of the world’s warm oceans. Having no gills, they breathe air from a “blow hole” on top of their heads. They communicate with each other through a language of clicks and buzzes. And they have an affinity for humankind, [...]

Pink Beaches, Blue Skies - Bermuda

Pink Beaches, Blue Skies - Bermuda

The pink shores of Bermuda are visible a mile away and the blue skies which meet with the deep blue on a thin pink line will surely fill you with an anticipation of things to come. The islands of Bermuda are literally alive in vibrant color, with bright pinks, yellows, and greens everywhere you look, from cottage roofs to the coasts, waters and attire, simple pleasures abound in a beaming environment. Don’t mistake the islands for being backward either, as it hosts sophisticated restaurants, museums, and shopping arcades comparable to the best in the world.
Bermuda is consisted of [...]