San Blas Islands


Located just off the north coast of the Isthmus of Panama, east of the canal, are the San Blas Islands. A series of over 350 islands, the archipelago contains only 49 are inhabited by the native Kuna Indians. The most common vacation destinations in the islands are Achutupu, Coco Blanco, and Kagantupu. The only challenge of the San Blas Islands is that they are not always easy to get to. Flights from Panama city or cruises out from the coast are the most common methods for getting there, however; no matter how you get there, the trip will undoubtedly be worth your time and your efforts.

Water Sports
The San Blas Islands are probably best known for their fantastic snorkeling. With a number of corals and coral reefs inhabited by colorful tropical fish, there is never a dull moment of snorkeling. It is important to note, though, that you will likely need your own snorkeling equipment as many of the resorts and hotels do not have it available. You should also be aware that diving is not allowed around the San Blas islands. Another popular water sport in the San Blas Islands is boating of all sorts. Yachting is, of course, the main boating choice for many visitors to the area. You may rent a boat or tag along on any of the many available sight seeing cruises around the various islands. You can see everything from breathtaking sunsets to eye squintingly blue waters. If neither of those work for you, there is always the beach. The ultimate water sport for many is wading down the beach as the tide goes out in the morning. Additionally, a relaxing afternoon on the beach of your resort is all the “exercise” you may want on your vacation. No matter which water sport you choose, there is always plenty of wavy wet fun to be had in the San Blas Islands.

Island Diversity
The diversity of the islands is more in the culture than in the people. Inhabited mainly by the native Kuna people, the real cultural adventurer can even get shelter with native families for a small fee. You have to know someone, but if you are not a hotel kind of person, the effort may just be worth it. As for the people themselves, they can offer you a great deal of culture to experience. Whether it be the wonderful and exotic food, rituals, or their ancient traditions that have survived for thousands of years like fishing from canoes and collecting coconuts in the mornings, there is much to experience in the culture and diversity of the islands.

If you are not into water sports, there is still plenty to do. Safaris and hikes are guided from many of the resorts and hotels. Additionally, you can go into the native towns and experience the people and their culture through markets as well as other centers of activity. No matter what your preference on vacation, you will find something to do in the San Blas Islands. Enjoy the water, enjoy the climate, and enjoy the people. In fact, just enjoy the trip.

Tropical Paradise: San Blas Islands

Tropical Paradise: San Blas Islands

There are hundreds of destinations tourists can pick from to spend their dream holidays in. Quite a number of these destinations have high-class hotels, high-end restaurants, classy yachts and boats that can be chartered from one island to the other. Although there are a significant number of tourists that want to experience a sense of privacy in their dream vacation. There are those who want to have the feel that Robinson Crusoe had on that island he was in. There is such a place called the San Blas Islands.
The group of islands is located in the Caribbean, of the coast [...]