Cayman Brac


The Cayman Brac is on of the three Cayman Islands in the tropical Caribbean. Named for the small crocidilians and the bluff that runs down the center of the island, visitors to “The Brac” are immediately absorbed into the friendly spirit of the island. The infectious friendliness of the island people causes visitors to immediately relax and forget their worries. The Brac is home to only about 1,600 people. It is a small island, and tourism is the number one resource! The Brac is also one of the safest of the Caribbean islands—crime is virtually non-existent on the island.

The weather of Cayman Brac is practically perfect! Temperatures range from the low seventies to the mid-nineties. Although the island is sometimes humid, rain is a seasonal event. Visit the island in March and April, and chances are you will not see a drop of rain! The Cayman Brac is one of the driest of the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Brac is a small island, only two miles by twelve miles, but visitors will want to rent a car to explore the island. Of course, leave your formal wear at home, only casual attire is appropriate on the island! Bring plenty of beachwear, for you will never be far from the ocean on this island!

Water Sports
Life on any island is centered around the ocean, and this is definitely the case on the Brac. The Cayman Brac has 28 shallow dive sites and 25 wall dives that are marked by mooring buoys. There are also sites that dive masters will take you to and do an anchor drop. The island offers an endless series of diving opportunities.

One of the most popular reef dives off the Cayman Brac is the Buccaneer Reef. Divers can boat or shore dive at this location, and see many beautiful fish, including flying fish! The Snapper Reef is one of the best coral reef diving experiences available. The coral offers hiding places for colorful tropical fish. The East Chute Wall dive starts off the boy of a wrecked mariner. Also popular is the Wilderness Wall, which boasts enormous colorful sea sponges and many schooling fish. The Cayman Brac is also a great location to do some snorkeling. The northern side of the island has some of the best snorkeling on the island. Of course, deep sea fishing is a popular water sport on the Cayman Brac. Fishermen often catch Yellow Fin Tuna, barracuda, and even Dolphin! Charter a boat to do some fishing or just tour the perimeter of the island. Or just enjoy some relaxing time swimming and soaking up some island sun. Whatever your pleasure, the Cayman Brac offers water sports for all tastes!

Island Diversity
Originally an uninhabited island, the first people to live on the Brac were British navy deserters who had been stationed in Jamaica. These original settlers gradually built up the island and produced some of the finest seamen in the world. Today, native islanders are some of the friendliest people you can meet. Local people live a laid back life and value peace and relaxation. Everyone waves to passing cars, whether or not they know the occupants, and unlike the other islands, there are no homeless people on the Brac.

The bluff that runs down the center of the island offers some of the best exotic rock climbing in the world. Hikers can enjoy the stunning beauty of these cliffs. The lighthouse on the east end of the island is located at the island’s highest point. From the lighthouse, you can get a stunning view of the Brac and the surrounding ocean. The hotels offer entertainment opportunities for visitors as well. Bird watching is another popular activity for nature lovers. Parrots abound on the island, and nature parks have been set up to protect their natural habitats.

If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind, the Cayman Brac is the perfect destination. The perfect weather, friendly people, and beautiful scenery will provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing getaway!

Cayman Brac, the Perfect Caribbean Getaway

Cayman Brac in the Western Caribbean is most popularly known for its landmark, “The Bluff”. In fact, the name is derived from the Gaelic translation for the landmark. This piece of paradise was first discovered by Christopher Columbus back in 1503, which was then completely uninhabited. Today, it is one of the most famous destinations in the Caribbean, known for its sparkling clear waters and scenic terrain.
The rich history of Cayman Brac is alive in the island’s historical and cultural attractions. These include the Cayman Brac Heritage House, Christopher Columbus Gardens, Brac Trust House, and the Cayman Brac Museum. For [...]