Grand Cayman


The Grand Cayman Island is the largest of the three main Cayman islands. Composed of low-lying limestone reef, there is very little in the way of elevation on the island. The island has no fresh water on it, so all drinking water has to be collected from rain or desalinated from the sea. But because there are no rivers, the sea surrounding the island is stunningly clear!

The Western side of the island is where the majority of the development is, including the capital city, George Town, and the airport. Restaurants, hotels, resorts, and nightclubs are found on the west. The eastern side is somewhat undeveloped and offers visitors a taste of the native life.

Water Sports
All of the Cayman Islands are well known for snorkeling and diving opportunities. The Grand Cayman offers divers the chance to explore tropical reefs and walls. Windsurfing is another popular water sport for visitors to Grand Cayman. The conditions around the island are ideal for windsurfing.

Deep-sea fishing is another popular water sport around the Cayman Islands. Fishermen can charter a boat and go out into the pristine waters to catch their fill of fish. Game fish include barracuda, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, dolphin, and blue marlin. Shore fishing is also very prevalent on the island. Bottom fishing and fly fishing will bring in even more types of fish. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the fishing laws before heading out.

Island Diversity
The population of Grand Cayman represents a mix of more than one hundred different nationalities. Half of these nationalities are of Caymanian background. Sixty percent of the people are mixed race, twenty percent Caucasian and twenty percent of African descent. Most Islanders would call themselves Christians, and the people of Grand Cayman enjoy a very high standard of living.

Tourism is the main industry on Grand Cayman and the other Cayman Islands. In fact, seventy percent of the annual income is from tourism. The Cayman Islands have recently begun producing gourmet sea salt as well.

Even if water sports are not your favorite activity, Grand Cayman offers a wide variety of entertainment. The West Bay district offers visitors the chance to visit a turtle farm, where green sea turtles are raised, primarily for meat. Visitors can pet baby sea turtles in a petting tank at the farm. Stingray City is a series of sand bars that can be reached by boat from Grand Cayman. Here visitors can observe, feed, and even pet stingrays in their natural habitat.

History lovers will want to visit the house of Pedro St. James. This location is the oldest existing stone structure on the island, and is considered the location where democracy was born on the Island. Nature lovers will want to take the Mastic Trail, where they will be able to see native plants and possibly a flock of parrots!

Of course, a trip to Grand Cayman would not be complete without a day spent on the white sand of the islands beaches. The Seven Mile Beach is the most famous beach on the island. Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine has named it the Caribbean’s Best Beach. It is on this beach where the majority of the resorts are located. This is a great place to spend the day soaking up some sun!

Company Offsite on Grand Cayman

Are the leaders of your company stalled and are in need of a change of scenery? Do you need to reconnect with your mission and reexamine your corporate goals?  Find a way to increase business in a tough economy? The solution is the island of Grand Cayman which is just about an hour away from Miami.  With direct flights from many big cities in the U.S., the Island of Grand Cayman can offer you a way to get everyone together in settings from small, intimate brainstorming sessions to big and formal as you like. Catering, the latest in communications technology, [...]

The Best Of Everything At Grand Cayman

The Best Of Everything At Grand Cayman

In Grand Cayman, the options for fun and adventure are endless. The island is a wealth of natural beauty, with some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. The island has been well-developed, and as a result has the finest shopping, entertainment, and dining options around. The exotic island has numerous shops that sell exquisite handmade goods nad
The island’s history is well preserved, and it is encouraged to learn more about it by visiting the local museums. There are many attractions that offer something for everyone, such as Pedro St. James Historic Site, National Trust’s Mastic Trail, Rum Point, [...]