East Caicos


East Caicos is an uninhabited island in the Caribbean located in the Turks and Caicos Islands. This island is probably best known for it’s ruins and caves that are scattered throughout the island for visitors to find and enjoy. Getting here isn’t hard, but it is recommended that you have a guide or knowledgeable pilot take you onto the island, as there are many reefs and other ocean problems that can cause the unwary traveler some major problems.

Water Sports
Since there are no resorts or hotels in East Caicos, there are not many water sports to be found. Swimming is one of the few water sports that you can enjoy, but be sure that you are aware of which side of the island you are on, as there are many strong currents and reefs that can cause problems and injuries.

Island Diversity
East Caicos was once a thriving plantation and ranch, providing all of the meat for Grand Turk. Until World War II, many local hunters came to the island to hunt some of the wild cattle that were remnants of the herds that used to be one of the main sources of meat. Here on East Caicos, you can also find several caves that are rich with petroglyph’s and cave drawings. It is clear that one of the larger caves was used as a religious or tribal meeting place, and there are many carvings in the walls, such as a large head that resembles a gargoyle.

While on East Caicos, you can enjoy the untouched beaches that are great for lying around and soaking up some sun or for exploring and finding all sorts of oceanic treasures. Or, you can explore the island itself, with the untouched beauty that it has held for thousands of years. There are many ruins scattered all over the island, and you never know what sort of adventure awaits you here. You can also search the caves for new evidence of past islanders who lived here once upon a time.

Ghost Towns and Natural Beauty Of East Caicos

Ghost Towns and Natural Beauty Of East Caicos

Your initial thought may be that an uninhabited island would not be a good destination for vacation, but that thought would be incorrect. Take, for instance, the uninhabited island of East Caicos. Though much of it is covered by swamps and mangroves, there are some places on the island worth visiting if you want to truly build a memorable vacation. It is a particularly appealing trip for those who think of vacation as a way to explore the world rather than just a reason to lie on a towel on the beach somewhere. The first thing you will want [...]