Middle Caicos


Middle Caicos is the largest island in the Turks and Caicos Islands chain, and is a great place to visit for anyone who loves the beauty and tranquility of the Caribbean islands without the busy hustle and bustle of many people and tourists. Most of the island is used for agricultural purposes, as there are many different herbs and medicinal plants that grow here. Along with these plants, the rich soil makes it a great place for other vegetables and fruits to grow. There are three different towns for you to choose from when you come to Middle Caicos: Conch Bar, Lorimers, and Bambarra.

Water Sports
Bonefishing is one of the main water sports here and Middle Caicos is known all over the world for this sport. But, this isn’t the only water sport that you can enjoy while visiting here, some others include: deep sea fishing, reef fishing, snorkeling, diving, swimming, and kayaking. You can find guides and tours to help you find the best places to fish, swim, or dive, so check around before you head off to find a place on your own as you might find some of the greatest places for water sports if you just ask!

Island Diversity
The natives of Middle Caicos are a very diverse bunch. The people of Bambarra can trace their roots back to West Africa, as they were marooned here when the ship they were riding in wrecked off the shore of the island, on its way to Cuba as part of the slave trade in the early 1800’s. There are also many different caves and other ancient sites around the island that were left by the Lucayan Indians who used to inhabit Middle Caicos. Some of the largest of these caves are near Conch Bar, and you can find some great carvings and petroglyph’s here that will show you some of the ancient Lucayan Indian’s lives and cultures.

Water sports and ancient sites aren’t the only things to do while you are here, there are eco-tours that run daily around the island, that will take you through some of the wonderful wilderness on the island and show you some of the native animals and plants that grow here. You can also find mountain biking and nature hikes on Big Blue for those who are more adventurous.

The Crossingplace Trail Of Middle Caicos

The Crossingplace Trail Of Middle Caicos

A trip to Middle Caicos, in itself, is a trip to the relatively obscure. However, if you are informed enough to make a trip to this beautiful island, then you are likely willing to take the trip to the next level. Exploring beyond the resorts, seeing more than the buffets, and truly experiencing an island can make a trip truly memorable. For instance, if you head down to Middle Caicos you should make sure you check out Crossing Place Trial. It is a trail that combines beauty and history and is certain must see on Middle Caicos.
The Crossing Place Trail [...]