North Caicos


The island of North Caicos lies in the Turks and Caicos Island chain in the Caribbean Sea, south of the Bahamas and north of Haiti. With a small land area and a small native population, North Caicos is a great place to visit and get away from the rest of the busy world. With daily flights to and from the International Airport on the island, it is just as easy to get here as it is to relax! North Caicos is known throughout the Caribbean as the “garden island” due to is wonderful array of plants and flowers that thrive here year-round.

Water Sports
Surrounded by the warm waters of the Caribbean, North Caicos is a haven for those who love the water. Some of the best water sports here include diving on the reefs and swimming with the marine life that inhabit them. But, you can also get your share of fishing in, if fishing is your game. You have your choice of deep sea fishing, fishing, or bonefishing If beach combing is more your style, North Caicos is the place to do it. Since the beaches here are virtually untouched, you can find some of the best treasures around while walking the beaches, no matter what time of day you go.

Island Diversity
While the island isn’t home to many native cultures, it does have it’s own way of life and traditions. You can visit some of the historical sites around the island to learn more about the people who live here, and the Lucayan Indians who called these islands their home. But, one of the most facinating places to visit here is the bottomless sinkhole at Sandy Point. There is a legend that when the Royalists were ruling the island, slaves were tossed into this bottomless hole and never found.

North Caicos is home to several preserves such as: Three Mary’s Cays Sanctuary, Pumpkin Bluff Pond Nature Preserve, and East Bay Islands National Park. You can enjoy tours through these parks and preserves daily, just check with your hotel for schedules. Or you can enjoy some of the shopping here in the local marketplaces, where you can find great works of art by local artists and natives. One of the most intriguing places on the island to visit is Cottage Pond, with it’s bottomless sinkhole.

Nature Watching in North Caicos

Nature Watching in North Caicos

One of the many islands in the Turks and Caicos archipelago is North Caicos. Located to the south of the Bahamas but north of the Dominican Republic, North Caicos offers a fantastic destination for vacation goers looking for tropical climate and beauty. However, there is much more to North Caicos than laying on the beach and soaking up rays. If you make a trip to North Caicos, make sure you venture away from the beaches and resorts into the real soul of the island. There, you can enjoy bird watching and exposure to the local culture.
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