The main center of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Providenciales has become one of the most modern in this chain of islands. “Provo” for short, has grown into a resort island, with golf, casinos, upscale shopping, and many activities that cater to the visitors who flock here each year. With it’s wonderful beaches and great night life, there is surely something for everyone here on Provo.

Water Sports
Here on Provo, you can expect to find some great diving and snorkeling areas that are home to millions of marine life that thrive in these warm waters and coral reefs. With the soft, sandy beaches, swimming is also a great way to cool off and just enjoy some of the more laid back benefits of tropical life. But, there are several other water activities that you can enjoy while vacationing on Providenciales, such as: boat rentals, yachting, deep sea fishing, fishing, sailing, and kayaking. You can check with your hotel or resort to see which companies around the island are offering a special to their guests for diving lessons or tours around the pristine ocean waters of the island.

Island Diversity
Before the 1960’s, Providenciales only had a population of about 500 people. But this has all changed in recent years with the massive spike in the visitors who come to relax here every year. Providenciales also has the only Conch farm in the entire world, and you can tour this magnificent farm and see these great mollusks as they grow throughout the winter months.

Aside from the water sports and the Conch farm, there are so many activities to enjoy here that you just won’t know where to start! With it’s 18-hole professional golf course, upscale shopping, local marketplaces, nightclubs, and fine dining, there is always something to keep you busy here. You can also take a tour around the island of the historical sites and other museums here on Providenciales. Or, you can just lay back and enjoy some rays in a hammock by the beach.

Top Attractions On Providenciales

Top Attractions On Providenciales

The island of Providenciales, often called Provo, did not have a wheeled vehicle until in the mid 1960’s. Oh how things can change. In 1990, the island got its first large hotel an casino. The complex opened its doors to the public and at the same time opened the island to development that has just kept on going. The island has become a tourist attraction that is also a popular home for retirees from all over the globe. However, there is more to Provo than just retirement homes, casinos, and sunbathing. When you make your trip to this tropical paradise, [...]