Salt Cay


One of the smaller of the islands in the Turks and Caicos Island chain, Salt Cay is also one of the best places to spend your next vacation. With it’s calm waters and laid back ways, this island is a great place to soak up some sun, swim in the warm Caribbean, take a tour of the island itself, or just lay back with a nice spa treatment to relax you. Since there are very few cars on the island, it is quite easy to forget the worries of modern life and just enjoy being an islander for a few days, watch the native animals run free, and smile and wave back at all the natives you pass.

Water Sports
Salt Cay has been ranked as one of the top 100 places to dive in the world, and in the top 5 in the following areas: “Top Dive Destination”, “Top Macro Life”, “Top Fish Life”, “Top Advanced Diving”, “Healthiest Marine Life”, and “Top Underwater Photography”, so if diving is your passion, you don’t want to miss a dive here on Salt Cay! You can also dive some of the shipwrecks that are around the island as well if you are feeling adventurous, or take some classes in diving if you are just a beginner. But, diving isn’t the only water sport to enjoy while you are here. You can also enjoy: swimming in the warm waters, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, and boat rentals. Or, you can just soak up some rays on the beautiful beaches that ring the island of Salt Cay.

Island Diversity
Some of the first people to visit Salt Cay were Bermudans, sometime around the mid-1600’s. And, ever since, Salt Cay has been a meca for the salt trades all around the Caribbean islands. The salt industry flourished here until the turn of the century, when it began a steady slow down. But, with some of the other trade routes cut off during World War II, Salt Cay found itself back in the mainstream of the salt trades. This trade flourished once again until the mid-1960’s, when the industry slowly ground to a stop once more. The natives who still call Salt Cay home are rich with the Bermudan culture and traditions, and are just as friendly as your old school buddies, helping to make your stay on Salt Cay feel more like a trip home.

Diving and water sports aren’t the only things to do here on Salt Cay. There are many day tours that travel around the island and to other neighboring islands around the area. You can also visit some of the great museums that are on neighboring islands, that will tell you all about the rich history of the Turks and Caicos Islands. But, for those of you who love nature watching, Salt Cay is a great place for you to visit as well. Some of the best bird watching is found here, as there are many rare species who stop by the island on a daily basis, year-round, to feed, play, mate, and raise their young. You can also just relax in a hammock by the beach and take in the warm tropical sunset and night.

The Sweet Life At Salt Cay

The Sweet Life At Salt Cay

The tiny island of Salt Cay, in the Turks and Caicos Islands, has been known since the 1500’s for its salt resources and magical charm. It has captivated the hearts of explorers and travelers around the world, luring them to this tropical paradise we know today. The magnificent marine life makes it ideal for snorkeling and diving excursions as well as exciting whale watching.
Though the island is small, there are numerous activities to do that will please travelers of all ages and with discerning tastes. The island’s restaurants and bars serve exotic, mouthwatering dishes made from only the freshest island [...]