Grand Bahama


Fourth largest of the Bahama Islands, Grand Bahama is named from the Spanish word “gran bajamer” which means “great shallows”, which is due to the flats and shoals in its waters.

For almost 300 years the island was almost uninhabited, but once Freeport was developed in the 1950’s, and because of it’s close proximity to Florida, it is now one of the most frequented islands in the Bahamas.

The island is unique in its combination of upper end resorts combined with quaint fishing villages, and ecological gems. One of the largest underwater cave systems in the world is located here, along with national parks, beautiful emerald waters, numerous beaches, and a variety of marine life. It’s remarkable variety of adventures makes it a wonderful vacation spot for any age.

Water Sports
Grand Bahama boasts many beautiful beaches, which are divided into two categories: 1) Activity beaches–some of the best being the Lucayan, Xanadu, and Taino beaches. Here you will find a wide variety of water activities available, including jet skiing, snorkeling, windsurfing, and banana boat rides. 2) Secluded beaches–one of the most beautiful being Gold Rock beach. There are many other secluded beaches awaiting your discovery on the island! Grand Bahama is also considered a “divers paradise” due to the beautiful coral gardens, and “blue holes” which are mesmerizing portals in the reefs where you can descend, and be surrounded by the reef wall on every side! You must be certified, but there are dive operators that offer certification, so take advantage!

Island Diversity
In the 1800’s after the banning of slavery by Great Britain, many of these slaves were given the opportunity to settle on the land they chose, so many of the island’s old settlements were settled by these former slaves. Today, there are 50,000 people inhabiting the island, many of whom come from other of the Bahama islands. They are known for being entrepeneurs, and lovers of the outdoors!

Check out the Native Crab Fest, or the Port Lucaya marketplace (there are weekly theme nights that include junkanoo parades, fire and limbo dancing, Mardi gras etc.) Go gaming at the Isle of Capri casino, or golf at one of the several courses on the island. Recommended shopping is found at the International Bazaar, or the Port Lucaya marketplace, or enjoy the national parks!

A Divers Paradise

A Divers Paradise

The Bahamian archipelago, 500 miles off the southeast point of Florida, is a destination of rich history, beautiful warm, tropical weather, gorgeous resorts, and deep-sea Grouper fishing. Among these 700 islands, Grand Bahama Island has a lure of its own, unique among other island destinations; in its clear emerald-green waters lie scuba diving sites that are the in the world. Here, both beginning divers and hard-core veteran divers find exactly what they’re looking for; an underwater paradise that has been carefully preserved to protect its delicate ecology.
The geography of Grand Bahama is particularly well-suited for divers. The island slopes gently [...]