Nassau is the capital of New Providence Island, and neighbor to Paradise Island. These islands pair a unique experience for those who enjoy a little glitz, or just plain want to relax! So you can find enough to keep you busy your whole trip, or just do nothing at all! There is a diversity of activities for everyone; whether you love land adventure, or splashing and playing in the water. There are many guided tours, but you can also just ramble around the island yourself.

If you really want to experience the island, it’s highly recommended to enjoy its history, and many historical landmarks. The Ministry of Tourism is a great place to start to get info on the different areas of the island, and can provide you with walking tour maps to get you on your way to a fun-filled vacation!

Water Sports
One of the beaches that you should see is Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island. There is much to do in the water here including boating/sailing, diving, deep-sea fishing, canoeing, jet skiing, kite boarding, parasailing, snorkeling and waterskiing! Take advantage of the wonderful waters and definitely snorkel or dive, as there are many remarkable sights to see under the beautiful emerald waters!

Island Diversity
Nassau has a rich history of people dating back to the 1600s. Some of those early settlers were pilgrims looking for good farm land. Later, Loyalists left America because of opposition to the independence of the U.S., and came to Nassau. Along with them came plantation owners who settled New Providence, along with their slaves. In the 1800’s even more of African descent settled this island because they were freed by the British Navy from the slave ships. There are also an interesting mingling of influences from China, Greece, Lebanon, and the West Indies due to a need for labour on the island. In the 1950’s many Haitians also migrated to the island because of economic troubles and unrest. The people with their rich heritage are very friendly and welcoming. Your experience will be rewarding to say the least!

There are numerous choices of things to do; from the Junkanoo Festival every summer, botanical gardens, cultural experiences, the famous straw market; to casinos, golf, and of course shopping! You will not be bored!

A Rich History To Enjoy

A Rich History To Enjoy

Many travelers under-estimate Nassau; it’s more than just a “pretty face.” True, Nassau is known for its fine, sugar-sand beaches, its variety of colorful tropical vegetation, and its premiere resort, Paradise Island. As beautiful as it is, Nassau has one of the most interesting histories among the island destinations. Visitors will want to explore this, the capital city of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, to learn the details of the fascinating social evolution of Nassau through the centuries.
Nassau is located on the northeastern coast of New Providence Island, about 500 miles off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida. New Providence [...]