The Majestic Waves, Blue Skies of Catanduanes

The Majestic Waves, Blue Skies of Catanduanes

First-time visitors to the quiet province of Catanduanes, Philippines will be deeply entranced at the rich local color. But what is even more striking is the sudden pilgrimage of surfers towards its shoreline, when you consider that not too long ago, these very same beaches were relatively undiscovered and untouched.
It’s good that Filipinos caught on the surfing fever, one which caused the well-deserved hype that is the majestic waves of Catanduanes. Just off of the coast of nearby Legazpi City, Catanduanes, Philippines is usually a reluctant detour to other destinations, but when the surf swells to massive heights, people from [...]

The Pristine Paradise of Puerto Galera

The Pristine Paradise of Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera, Philippines is the pearl of the Mindoro province, and one of loveliest natural harbors of the world. As the name implies, it is known for its splendid beaches, diverse coral reefs, and distinct dive sites for amateur and seasoned divers alike.
Tourists are familiar with Puerto Galera for its plentiful pocket beaches, as well as the numerous snorkeling and diving hotspots. The day also doesn’t end here, as the beaches are alive with a festive mood at night, because of the numerous bars and restaurants which front the shoreline.
Puerto Galera, Philippines is very accessible from Manila. The whole journey [...]

Family Escapade in Palawan - the Philippines' Last Frontier

Family Escapade in Palawan - the Philippines’ Last Frontier

Dubbed as the Philippine’s last frontier, the island of Palawan is a natural sanctuary which hosts a multifarious array of natural wonders and exotic locations, making it the ideal destination for family vacations. Palawan, Philippines is enveloped in a mantle of thick rainforests, with majestic mountain ranges and unspoiled beaches surrounding its limits. The coral shelf which extends far out into the sea is flourishing with varied marine life.
The island province of Palawan is also the last remaining habitat for the mousedeer and the scaled anteater, as well as flora and fauna which are rarely found anywhere else. Near Puerto [...]

Quiet Beaches, Teeming Marine Life in Bohol

Quiet Beaches, Teeming Marine Life in Bohol

Those who are yearning to commune with nature will find Panglao Island in Bohol, Philippines a godsend. Indeed, Bohol is teeming with exotic destinations; but for those who have a special longing for the sea and its vibrant marine life, Panglao Island is truly a world-class find.
The Spanish explorers who reached the shores of Panglao in 1803 christened the place as such, after the word ‘mapanglao,’ denoting a lonesome place. Their reasons for naming this old, old town of Bohol may be due to their initial defeat at conquest in Cebu; but today the name of the island is synonymous [...]

Boracay, a Beachbum's Getaway Paradise

Boracay, a Beachbum’s Getaway Paradise

There’s something in Boracay which lures the globetrotting tourist. Indeed, this small, butterfly-shaped isle off of the tip of Panay offers for more than four kilometers of white beaches, talcum-fine sand, tropic weather, and warm, sparkling beachfronts. These are enough to sate a beach bum’s thirst for sun, surf, and sand, but for the hyperactive hippie in you, there’s plenty of things to do and see in Boracay Island other than bask in the warm sun.
Boracay, Philippines is a favorite tourist destination spot for locals and foreigners alike. You can try your hand in competitive water sports and satisfy the [...]