Big Island


The big island of Hawaii, every travelers dream, every honeymooner’s paradise. With it’s wide variety of water sports, beaches, hotels and resorts, culture, shopping, and, of course, dining, who hasn’t dreamed of going to Hawaii for a vacation in the sun?! The big island of Hawaii offers so much to the traveler with it’s year-round summer climate and the wonderful views of the ocean and mountains. From the crystal blue waters that surround the island itself to the top of the mountains that sit on these lush islands, there is not a shortage of things to do to help your vacation be the best possible.

Water Sports
Water sports and the Hawaiian islands go hand in hand! With the vast array of things to do in the oceans here, you will never be at a shortage for sport. Some of the water sports that you can try while here include: diving, snorkeling, swimming, water skiing, jet skiing, deep sea fishing, glass bottom boat tours, sail and motor boat rentals (with and without a crew), canoeing, kayaking, shark feedings, and scouring the coral reefs, swimming with marine life. Of course, you can always just lay on the beautiful beaches here and enjoy the others playing in the water if you just don’t feel like getting wet!

Island Diversity
Ancient Hawaii traditions are still abundant on the Hawaiian islands. You can always find great historical markers and sites to visit, or you can take a tour around the island to find out more about Hawaii and her people. When you step off the plane or boat, you will be greeted by wonderful, smiling natives who are quick to offer you a lei and a greeting, welcoming you to their home in paradise. From their ancient cultures to the modern day life, you can find a culture so diverse here in Hawaii that you are sure to fall in love from the moment you get here!

If water sports just aren’t your idea of a good time, have no fear. There is plenty of other activities to enjoy here on the big island of Hawaii. With all the wonderful resorts here, you can always find great spa treatments to help you relax and take your mind off the world you left behind. There are also great places to shop while here, for both modern and traditional items. For those who are more nature lovers, there are tours, safaris, and hikes that you can enjoy to get you in touch with the Hawaiian animals, plants, and birds that make this island something to see. Or, you can visit some of the museums, art galleries, or historical sites, such as Pearl Harbor, for a unique look at Hawaii’s past, present, and future. Basically, no matter what your interests are, you can find something to please you here!

Exotic Features Of Big Island Hawaii

Exotic Features Of Big Island Hawaii

Hawaii Island, the biggest of the Hawaiian islands, is also know as Big Island Hawaii. It is a part of the United States, It has approximately 130,000 locals that reside on the island, and about 4,000 square miles in size. Big Island Hawaii is a volcanic island with Kilauea being active. It constantly has lava flows where it usually meets with the ocean, therefore making the island constant with black sand beaches.
Tourists who come to the Big Island have a lot of choices of activities to do. It is suitable for all kinds of travelers of all ages and nationalities. [...]